Hastings and what you find in a typical British sea town


I went for a photography meetup on Sunday and the trip went to Hasting. Hasting is a about 2 hours from London by train and while it is an ok place with cliffs, fishing boats and of course the sea, I still prefer Eastbourne (Beachy Head) and Brighton.

The weather was perfect (my face is still red) but somehow I wasn’t 100% motivated to take photos so they are not all great. But I am very happy with the above young seagull photo. I love the colours.

I think in the end the theme for me became taking photos of typical things on a British beach.

So we have seagulls, women in bikini (and I will leave it up to you if that is a good thing or not …), men putting up windscreens, deck chairs, swan water bikes and families with fish and chips (and the man wearing a t-shirt saying – “If found – return to the pub” ).

Surprisingly enough Hastings also has two Funiculars.

See all photos here.

Weirdest photo of the day must be this bear:

The saddest bear in the world

It looks incredibly sad and depressed. Understandable if you have a hole in your belly and are attached to a red tractor.

6 thoughts to “Hastings and what you find in a typical British sea town”

  1. Very nice pictures, I liked them very much but the ladies in bikini???? no!!!;-)

  2. Hastings was well-known for being rundown, used to be very popular place for unemployed and homeless to be put into B&Bs, nor sure if it’s changed much. I haven’t been there since I was a kid but I remember the funiculars. I think there are more dotted around the coast at various seaside resorts eg Broadstairs, Bournemouth.
    That bear pic is tragic! There’s always been a bit of a tradition of dustmen rescuing old toys from the bins and strapping them on to the front of the lorry but not sure what poor old Ted is doing on a tractor!

  3. If you hadn’t wrote it was Hastings, I would have gone for Brighton. I seems to me all these sea side towns in the south look the same.
    I love the other picture with the seagull. Nice one.
    I hope you still had a great time, even it wasn’t Brighton or Eastbourne.

  4. @grigorisgirl – I sat on the train with someone who knows Hastings quite well and she warned us it was run down. I must say I expected much worse, the city centre seems to have been refreshed and the sea side is not worse than I have seen other places.

    I still want to check out Bournemouth! And had never heard of Broadstairs but can see that that is doable from London too, so thanks for those tips!

    And Ted really looks tragic! Especially with that hole in his tummy!

    @Pedro – you are right, a lot of them do look a like. I had a good day, it is always good to see new coastal places, and the weather was fabulous!

  5. Thanks Sue! I will have a more detailed look at that website. (The ones in Bournemouth look impressive too)

    And it’s about 1h51 from Victoria station to Broadstairs so will definitely go there for a day in a weekend sometime.

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