A room with a view

Taken while sitting on my bed yesterday. The moon looks huge, doesn’t it?

Other short notes:

  • We loved G-Force. I mean what is not to like, it’s talking guinea pigs! And mice! And a mole! And it is Bill in 3D. Apart from the slightly over the top Transformers like scene it was very enjoyable. The guinea pigs look great and I am sure children will love it.
  • And we really liked The Proposal too. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for rom-coms, and there is a really cute dog in it too! One of the best rom-coms this year, together with Last Chance Harvey.
  • And we found the best ice cream shop in London. Look no more, here it is : Gelato Mio. They have 3 shops, one in Notting Hill, one near Trafalgar Square and one in Holland Park. They are worth a visit, really.
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7 thoughts to “A room with a view”

  1. Fabulous view and photo.
    We are showing The Proposal next month and the trailer looks funny.
    I’ll have to search out the gelatos, I fell for Italian ice cream in Venice.

  2. Awesome photo! The moon’s so big that one might think the picture was faked.

    Need to go and see G-Force for the guinea pigs and, of course, Bill !

  3. Wauw!!!what a beautifull vieuw from your room and a fantastic picture of the full moon, I love it very mutch ;-)

  4. What a great view! Last night around sun set we had an almost rainbow coloured sky, but non of us thought about taking a picture…

    G-Force seems to be fun. My husband and son would probably like it. I’d be more into “The Proposal”, maybe I’ll go and see it on a rainy day. Just now the weather is too splendid to spend time in a dark cinema hall. Instead we’ve finally seen “The Boat That Rocked”… open-air. And we’ll go and see “Happy-Go-Lucky” tomorrow night. I hope it will be fun.

  5. I hope you liked The Boat That Rocked! And Happy Go Lucky, I wonder what you think of it! (I saw it a while ago). The Proposal is a lovely film. :)
    It is very hot in London at the moment, so sitting in the air conditioned cinema is actually quite nice :)

    And just for the record – I did not Photoshop the photo, the moon really was that big! It looked great.

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