Meet Gideon the Giraffe

Gideon is cute!

On my biking trip through Regent’s Park on Saturday, I suddenly found myself in front of a giraffe. Or rather two of them! I knew that London Zoo is located in Regent’s Park, but I had no idea you could see the giraffes this closely from the road.

I would also like to add that I don’t recommend you to visit the zoo, despite it’s beautiful location in the park and next to the Regent’s Canal, to see Gideon in this tiny confined space broke my heart. How bored he must be. Gideon does live quite close to me, so I intend to visit him regularly.

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3 thoughts to “Meet Gideon the Giraffe”

  1. I know it’s a small zoo, because I visited it last time I was in London (at night!), but it’s a great place to walk around.

  2. I actually hate Zoos. Putting animals in tiny confined spaces… Love your friend though.

    Wonder where the name comes from ;o)

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