Cycling in London is cool because – part I

From the official Ding Day home page:

Wednesday, 9th September will see Londoners create music on the streets with their bicycle bells as the second annual Ding Day takes place. Designed to add a little fun to a cyclists day, the concept is simple and open to everyone. All that is needed is a bike and a bell. The idea – to make cycling London streets a joyful and happy experience.

The concept is simple:
On Wednesday 9th September whenever you see another cyclist you give a little ‘ding ding’ on your bell, and they will return your greeting with another ‘ding ding’. From sun up to sun down, no matter where you are in the saddle on Ding Day, remember to ding your bell.

The idea behind Ding Day:
To create a fun experience for cyclists and locals in and around London, with the hope of creating more of a sense of community amongst fellow cyclists, including commuters, parents, children, basically any cyclist young or old. It’s free and open to everyone.

It is a celebration of cycling as one of the most environmentally friendly, healthy and quickest way of getting around our great city.

More on the Ding Day home page / Ding day twitter / Ding Day Facebook.

I am in!

5 thoughts to “Cycling in London is cool because – part I”

  1. That’s a really cute concept! I’ve noticed people in Copenhagen doing it pretty much every day (they could be confused with aggressive cyclists who just want to get from A to B as fast as possible, but I’ve seen the smiles on their faces, so I’m convinced they’re just trying to be friendly.) But, eh – London seems like a dangerous place to be a cyclist.

  2. That’s what I thought too but I was so wrong! Will write more about my cycling in London experiences in another post :)

    And yes I love the Ding Day idea too :)

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