Love+Rock cards: Tea for two

I felt like drawing a bit again, so this is the latest creative mind dump, and yes I did hand draw those cups myself.

I will soon be on the tube to Heathrow where I will pick up my mum who will visit me for the weekend.

The weather doesn’t really seem to know what it wants this weekend, but I hope we can bicycle in between the showers. I say becycle because I have bought a companion for Lawrence so I intend to take my mum on some bicycle trips. We are both experienced cyclists, not so much in London, but I feel confident enough that I can guard her safely to nice and quiet bicycle tracks. Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, and not to forget the ice cream shop are all planned.

In the end it was cheaper to buy another second hand bike on Gumtree as bike rental prices in London are so high, it will scare a lot of people off.

Lots more is planned for this weekend, but I am not going to give away too much, as I want to surprise her (and she reads this blog).

So a nice weekend to all of you, and I will return with more scriblings after the weekend and write about:
Is cycling in London scary?
My upcoming trip to the US

You can send the above card electronically by the way.

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