“I’ve bought a ticket to the States. I’m off in three weeks.”

US trip

(Coffee on me for the person recognizing the title quote without googling!)

I am not exactly off in three weeks, I am off in 10 days! And I am not prepared at all yet, so I better start working on that.

I have stripped off quite some bits from the draft plan and have decided to leave the East coast for another time.

I did try to put Chicago in, but I had trouble finding a reasonable priced place to stay so I dropped it in the end. Next time, baby.

The final plan is simple:

  1. I fly from London to Los Angeles.
  2. I spent a couple of days in LA.
  3. I take the Amtrak Coast Starlight train to San Francisco. This takes 11 h 17 minutes and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the US. (You can continue to Seattle if you stay on the train, but I get off in San Francisco).
  4. I stay in San Francisco for 6-7 days and fly back to London.

That is roughly the plan. I have booked flights and hotels using Expedia, Tripadvisor and Hotelscombined. Now I just need to figure out what to see and do.

A couple of things I know I am going to do:

In San Francisco

  1. Rent a bike and bike the bridge.. It is not sure I will rent the bike there, am still investigating the possibilities, but am definitely going to bike the bridge.
  2. Take a ride on a San Francisco cable car
  3. Do a whale watch tour.

More ideas will popup I am sure, also for LA, but this is as far as I got.

I have to run now, I am off to a preview of Away We Go. (by Sam “American Beauty” Mendes).

6 thoughts to ““I’ve bought a ticket to the States. I’m off in three weeks.””

  1. it’s from Love, Actually – obviously :)

    I am soo jealous. Always wanted to do the Coast Starlight all the way to Seattle. Might have to do it in a few years if I can wait that long.

  2. It’s a quote from a romcom, but I’m not sure which one. Love actualy, perhaps?

    Sounds great. Especially the whale watching tour. I would like to do that too. Maybe next year in Iceland…
    I hope you have a lot of fun in the States.

  3. @Joachim – that looks interesting!

    @Anna: I would do all the way to Seattle but I wanted to end in San Francisco this time, so I am taking the beautiful coastal bit of this train trip. Might return to do it all one day! :)

    @Pedro: Iceland is wonderful. (I did not do a whale watching trip there though) The only thing I can’t decide is if I am brave enough to do the 8 hour tour, I am a good swimmer, but don’t like being on a ship in rough weather!

  4. It’s the silly bloke, Colin (and his knob!) looking for girls in Love Actually, actually!
    Looks like a fabulous trip we look forward to posts and pix!

  5. You’ll be traveling through prime John Steinbeck country. Enjoy! Sounds like a great trip. I hope the LA fires are contained by the time you arrive.

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