Los Angeles Day 2

If you are ever in Los Angeles and the weather is nice, you have to rent a bicycle and cycle a part of the (very flat and car free) coastal cycle path. It is such a thrill to cycle on a path away from traffic and going straight through the beach sand. Very recommended!

I have not much more to add than that I had another great day in LA (sun + sea + beach – how could it not be a great day!) and here are the photos (more text in the captions)

Los Angeles – day 2

Oh and I had dinner (outside) at Tito’s Tacos. It’s on the opposite side of my hotel, and I spotted a queue there every evening, so I decided to give it a go. It’s a very authentic Mexican place, and lesson learned – if there is a long queue of local people – it is good!

6 thoughts to “Los Angeles Day 2”

  1. do I need an invitation from you to watch your pictures on Picasa? Seems it is blocked for me.
    Great to read that your are enjoying yourself.
    Have a wonderful time

  2. What a wonderfull pictures, it was not possiblle to write a comment under the photo`s, so I do it here:-0)
    Have a nice train ride tomorrow.

  3. Oh and I can’t really fix the commenting thing on Picasa, so I also uploaded these last bunch of photos to Facebook (for whoever is on there :)

    Am off for breakfast now!

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