Los Angeles day 3

I spent my last day in Los Angeles preparing for my train trip tomorrow. I visited Los Angeles Union station to pick up my Amtrak ticket. Union Station must be one of the most beautiful stations I have ever seen, it is really classic and in beautiful art deco style.

I hope all goes well and that I make it on the train in time tomorrow, the Coast
Starlight train leaves at 10am (and there is only one of these trains a day) and will deliver me in San Francisco about 11 hours later.

There are some photos (not too interesting, as I haven’t done that much new today but expect Union station and Santa Monica beach) on either Picasa here or if you’d rather have them on Facebook, here they are.

Did I like LA? Well yes and no. I love the beaches, and I quite liked Santa Monica, which I have returned to every afternoon. I think Venice Beach is a bit trashy and messy but generally the beaches are fantastic, and on a lot of places they are very empty. The weather has been fantastic too which was great. It was fun to see Hollywood boulevard, but I am not too big a fan of Downtown LA. Maybe I haven’t found the right streets, but it seemed without atmosphere.

I will miss my afternoons in Santa Monica (I have been a real tourist and even bought a Santa Monica zip hoody sweater, I know, I’ll control myself better next time), but I am sure that San Francisco will have beaches too. I can’t wait to see what things look like over there.

7 thoughts to “Los Angeles day 3”

  1. Thank you again for the wonderfull pictures.
    It`s so nice to follow you this way through your exiting holiday.
    Have a good travel to San Francisco and I hope you also have a good time over there,
    especialy on your Wale trip. I wish you an exiting week over there. ;-)

  2. That station is stunning! I really want to get my passport and join you! (Oops there’s that little thing called money!)
    Looking forward to the next instalment

  3. Thanks to you LA finally became an actual place to visit for me instead of just a movieset background.
    I totally love that empty beach photo at 5pm.
    And the Baywatchpictures look as if you can hear the opening theme starting any minute ;o)

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