San Francisco – Day 2

Is it me or are people on the west coast of the US just friendlier than the ones in New York? I spoke about this with two ladies from the US and they agreed. In New York everyone is in a hurry, they don’t have time to be friendly. Here everybody seems friendly. Is it the weather?

Well I certainly get in a good mood of this weather, the weather today was perfect, perfect to bike the bridge.

I left relatively early as I wanted to make an early start, but then I discovered the sea lions at Pier 39 and I was sold. They were so so cute, and there were so many of them, I could watch them for hours. When I finally got myself dragged away from them it was a bit later than planned, but I was ready to bike the bridge.

Again, if you ever get to San Francisco, this is the thing you want to do. I admit that there were some stretches that were a bit steep (the bridge is high, and you need to get on top of it to cross it) but once you are up the views are spectacular. It is a fantastic trip, I ended up cycling to Sausalito where I had lunch and I took the ferry back from there to San Francisco (which was a lovely sailing trip too!).

After another visit to the sea lions and a beautiful purple sky, I am now ready to sleep. And so are my legs!

The thing I learned today about the sea lions – you can distinct between seal and a sea lion by looking at the ears. Sea lions have tiny ears, seals don’t. I had no idea.

Here are the photos. (Expect a lot of sea lions, and a lot of bridge!)

8 thoughts to “San Francisco – Day 2”

  1. The seals won! There were a lot of boats at pier 39, but they were invaded by seals, leaving some totally destroyed (the boats, I mean).
    The sign at the beginning of the bridge seems somewhat confusing…?

  2. Imagine someone is on the other line of the Bridgejumpers phone waiting all day for a call…
    It’s a bit mean you’re not allowed to skate(board) on the bridge lol ;o)

    There are tours to Alcatraz. My best friend used to live near SF and she took every visitor there because everyone loves it so much.

    Didn’t you see The Rock though ? Alcatraz, SF AND Sean Connery…

    I love love love your pictures. More, more !!

  3. O, such cute seals, I love them and what a huge bridge indeed.
    Wonderful pictures again especialy the last one.

  4. what a lovely day you had! I’m looking forward to seeing you — it’s going to be truly HOT next week, btw. xoxoxoxo

  5. There are some yachts in Pier 39, but the sea lions have their own area. They can swim in and out this area, if they feel like having a swim in the bay. Some of them do, the rest seem to be snoring all day! :)
    @Amy – thanks so much for offering. I am going to go to bed early tonight, as I have such an early start tomorrow. So I am sorry I can’t make it!

    @Lily – it is going to be a heatwave here, LA temperatures! I look forward to see you on Monday too. It will be my last evening in San Francisco. Time has flown by here.

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