The Girl in the Chelsea Teapot Cafe

How about a post that actually does justice to the title of this blog?

I was a little early for my Saturday film and on my way to the cinema I passed The Chelsea Teapot. It is a relatively new cafe (they have been around for 3 months now) and it looked so lovely I had to step inside and have a tea there.

Just note that they are not open on Sundays (just yet …). That might be helpful to remember if you for example go on a cycling trip on a Sunday and you think you can have a tea here after having cycled 15 km. Yes I am oozing from my own experience here.

I recommend you to visit it should you be in the neighbourhood, for the tea, the cupcakes and the lovely pastel decorations. They also sell icecream!

The address:
The Chelsea Teapot
402 King’s Road
SW10 0LJ

It’s not particularly close to a tube station, you can get off at Sloan Square and take several busses from there. It is on the World’s End side of King’s road. Or take your bicycle and have a cup cake stop here.

On the map:

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10 thoughts to “The Girl in the Chelsea Teapot Cafe”

  1. Yes they also do coffee! Have tried to find a website but they don’t have one yet I think.

    Price: for a tea(pot) for one and a cupcake I paid £4.50. Which is not crazy expensive for London.

  2. we must have passed it ;-) we walked from kings road, worlds end, into milman street to the cheyne walk.

  3. £4.50!! – Think I’ll go to the Sacher Hotel in Vienna and save money!! In Prague next weekend and I promise I’ll go to the Slava Cafe (best one in town!) and compare prices for you. This is a Trustafarian Teapot!!

  4. @David – it is not quite fair to compare London prices to the one in Prague now is it!

    @Olive if you were there within the last 3 months, you must have passed it indeed!

    @Grigorisgirl – their cupcakes are heavenly :)

  5. I think I might take my Mum there when we go to London in October – I’m not sure how close it is to where we are going but if it’s not too far I might take her hehe.

  6. we were there in the beginning of may, so it wasn’t the teapot then.
    i made a picture of emmett on no. 380 because of their striped shirts they had on diplay then ;-)

  7. Olivia that is not fair!!! There cakes and sandwiches are so yummy!! i go every single weekend and love it. The owner is so sweet and everyone are just so friendly!

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