Southwold, Norfolk and painting with light

As promised here are some photos I took when we were in Southwold last weekend. It was a lovely day, with a lighthouse, and a pier where they served perfect cream tea.

Southwold has a nice atmosphere, at this time of the year it is not crowded by tourists, and when the weather is like this it is a perfect place to be. (The UK just has the most wonderful coast).

And here is another light painting experiment. Here is what we (me and my mum) did: a camera with a slow shutterspeed (15 seconds), a tripod, two small torches, and a room as dark as possible. Start drawing and be surprised at how much fun it is. This is a slideshow of a couple of our drawings. I liked the second last one best, it’s one my mum made, I don’t know how she fiddles the red colour in as the light was yellow, but it looks cool. And yes the girl is in there somewhere too

I had a nice weekend in the Netherlands, we had a nice meal with with my grandparents, we saw Paul the Leeuw which was entertaining, we cycled one of my favourite trips in my home area and I ate boerenkool with worst for dinner. What more could you want?

I hope your weekend was as good.

9 thoughts to “Southwold, Norfolk and painting with light”

  1. Cool pics form Southwold. The main theme that weekend must have been ‘beach huts’ ;-)

    Love the electric paintings. I even saw an archer (which happens to be my constellation).

    Paul de Leeuw? I can’t stand him, I’m sorry. But you can wake me up for ‘boerenkool met worst en spekjes’. We ate ‘Atjarstamppot’ last weekend, which was nice too.

  2. I know, I have a thing for beach huts, I love them. And there were so many of them there.

    Paul de Leeuw, I guess he divides people, those who loathe him and those who like him. I like him, my mum loves him :)

    What do you put in Atjar stampot? Sounds interesting!

    (They don’t have boerenkool in the UK by the way, which is a big mistake!)

  3. Wikipedia: Vooral in de beginjaren viel De Leeuw op door zijn soms harde en grove gevoel voor humor, wat hem geliefd maar ook berucht maakte. Sommige commentaren spraken zelfs van “afzeiktelevisie”.
    De eerste keer toen ik hem zag, dacht ik “arm Nederland”. Als dat de man is die prijzen en een lintje krijgt, dan is het geen wonder dat er zoveel hufterigheid in NL is.
    He is an idiot (said Sir Terry Wogan)
    I say, he is a prick.
    Boerenkool is lekker!

  4. You love Paul or you hate him.
    He was vulgar in the past but now He is changed, He is very funny and sweet.
    I think after he had his two boys he became an other person.
    I love him ;-)

  5. I like the light pics. I love lighthouses. I’ve been to a couple on west coast, but haven’t made it overseas yet or even to the east coast. Living in Las Vegas is okay, but I do miss the water. Lake Mead really doesn’t count.

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