Sondre Lerche in London

Sondre Lerche in The Slaughtered Lamb

I admit that I had my doubts about a concert in a place called The Slaughtered Lamb. Even more when I entered the pub and saw that the concert was in the cellar. In the cellar – come on!

But my doubt completely disappeared when I entered the space, it was cosy and better it was filled with comfortable sofas in all shapes and sizes. I found the perfect place on a comfy leather sofa close to the performing spot, read my newspaper as I was a bit early and suddenly there was Sondre.

It was definitely the definition of less is more, it was just him and his guitar but he played for ten. If there is one comment to make about this concert it must be that he dis not play “To be surprised”. Surprisingly enough. On the other hand – he gave such a kick ass performance of Two Way Monologue that I quickly forgave him.

He plays the Royal Albert Hall tonight, a place that could not be more apart from the Slaughtered Lamb cellar, but I am sure he will be entertaining there as well. If you ever get the chance to see him, please do, he is adorable. And a great guitar player with a lot of boyish charm.

To be Surprised is here.
More Sondre Lerche on his website.

6 thoughts to “Sondre Lerche in London”

  1. hiya,
    i was at the show and thoroughly enjoyed it. great venue, great music & great sense of humour. did anyone happen to catch the name of the opening act? i wanted to track down some of her music as well.

    many thanks.

  2. Thanks for the post. I love Sondre! Woah, I was waiting for news bout him!! Here in Russia nobody knows him but I really appreciate what he’s done till now, an tis so good to read news and hear something new! G’job Sondre!!!

  3. He played Paradiso on the 15th, but that show was sold out before I even found out he would be there…

    But be shore, next time he plays anywhere arround, I’ll be there!

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