Diary of a redundant person: Speak the Lingo, shape your day, see a film

Here are experiences from the last couple of days:

  • I have spent the last couple of days fine tuning my CV. I did not think it would take me that long but it did, mostly because it is so important to put the right wording in it. And to mention exactly the experience they (future employers) want you to have.
    I have uploaded it to a long list of websites and I daily sent out job applications.

    The more positive side – I have been called by two recruiters who have expressed some interest in my CV. That is positive isn’t it?

  • My state of mind was horrible the first couple of days, but it is simply too energy consuming to just constantly be depressed about it all. So I have decided that I won’t be depressed anymore and I have tried to find some sort of rhythm in my days.

    Sitting behind your computer screen all day staring at your email inbox waiting for something to come in does not do you any good. It drives you crazy.
    My schedule now is:

    • get up at 8.30am, have breakfast and more importantly make a cup of tea – the Milky Way
    • concentrate and work on job applications and CVs for a couple of hours
    • shut down computer and get out of the house
    • go and do something nice (a tea in a cafe, a film in the cinema, a walk in the park)

    Simple, but it works. There are also a couple of museums in London that are long due to be visited. The London Transport Museum is definitely on the list for this week. I might as well take advantage of the fact that I have some time on my hands.

  • I know what job to go for now. I know that I probably have a slightly better chance to get an IT project manager job, but I am more focusing on a creative project manager job simply because that’s what I really want to do. There are jobs out there to apply for, I just need to find that one employer who is willing to give me a chance.

    And I don’t mind leaving London for a great job.

The cinema cheers me up. I am able to forget all about job hunting while sitting in the dark for 2 hours.

In between the long list of boring block busters I recently saw two different films that I highly recommend:

  • Bright Star about the life of poet John Keats (with the always brilliant Ben Whishaw and directed by Jane (The Piano) Campion).
  • An Education with the highly talented Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard in the main roles.

    An Education is directed by Danish director Lone Scherfig who you might know from Italian for Beginners. I love her work. The Education has been well received, so let’s hope she gets to make more films for an international audience.

Go see them if they come to a theatre near you.

6 thoughts to “Diary of a redundant person: Speak the Lingo, shape your day, see a film”

  1. Hi Ingrid,
    been a while since i dropped by your blog… Sorry to hear you lost your job, but as manny already has noted – it’s a chance to consider your choises and makea new beginning. Take a moment off now and then – you might consider refreshing your danish (language that is…) by listening to the new (audio)book by Sven Aage Madsen “Mange sære ting for”. Incidentially it’s available for free at http://www.dr.dk/K/Litteratur/Lydbog/2009/mangesaeretingfor.htm until november 18. I havent read/heard it yet, but i’m a great fan of him and his strange stories which are mostly set in Århus.
    Another favorite of mine “if life seems jolly rotten, there’s something you’ve forgotten…”

  2. yes the best thing to do is keep a rhythm in your life! and if the weather is o.k. take your bike, cycle along the thames path and have dinner at the prospect of whitby, 57 Wapping Wall E1W 3SH ;-)

  3. I absolutely love your attitude, tons of kudos for you!!! Way to go, girl – you are definitely on the right track :)

    (And fingers crossed, of course!)

  4. Good for you that you’re setting your sights on a creative project manager job! Go for what you really want to do! It will happen. Just as all that you set your sights on eventually came to be, so too, will the next chapter in your life! Yes, you definitely are on the right track!! :-)

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