To all of us who need some …

(If you like the above Sondre Lerche – Good Luck song, download it free and legal in MP3 format here)

Latest news from the find-a-job-rollercoaster-ride:

I have not heard back from the recruiter I visited yesterday, so either the jobs were already gone or she didn’t like me. I will send her an email tomorrow to check up on it.

And after a very long day of waiting for things to happen today (ok I admit that I did stare at my phone for some time today!) – I got a phone call (really like it when they call, I like to think that they are genuinly interested when they do) from two new recruiters, and an email from a third.

So here is the plan:

1. I will meet with recruiter one at 10am tomorrow for an introduction interview (that’s them trying to figure me out)

2. At 12.00pm I will meet recruiter two. Now recruiter two is incredibly interesting as in one hand she holds my CV and in her other hand she holds my dream job. I have seen the job description and checked out the website of the company where the job is at, and oh my – how I would want that job! She will interview me to get to know me and to hear more about my work experience and after that she will decide if she is going to propose me as a candidate. I am not counting on anything, but fingers crossed here.

3. On Monday I will have another introduction meeting with recruiter three.

So that will keep me occupied the next couple of days, and the recruiter interest is kind of a good thing. Of course I am also still sending of job applications and I am amazed by the number of recruitment agencies in London. One of them surely must have a job for me?

Five very random notes to end this post with:

  • I am hugely enjoying Jamie Cullum’s new album (I’m all over it is one of my favourite songs). Anybody else out there likes him?
  • Here is a very handy page telling you (in a beautifully designed way!) when and when not to use an apostrophe. Very useful!
  • The Brit with the most difficult to guess twitter name must be Alexander Armstrong. Xanneroo? Come on! I do like him though, he is tall and lanky, a tiny bit posh and very funny in Armstrong & Miller. Miller is on Twitter too by the way. (Bennylicious, honestly guys ..!)
  • And actor Jim Carrey is on Twitter too. Not only that, he has one of the most creative websites I have seen in a while. Check it out on Amazing.
  • I am trying to think if I am going to do a this-is-not-a-christmascard-exchange this year. What do you all think? I know I made the unforgivable mistake of not posting all your cards online last year, but I have just ordered a scanner and I promise that that won’t happen again. I am just polling interest here, the official announcement might come later – if I have a go from my audience … (oh an to take the stress out of this all – we could move the whole process to January?)

6 thoughts to “To all of us who need some …”

  1. Well, the job roller coaster is on it’s way.
    I’ve crossed my finger such a long time, I can’t decross them anymore. Must be a good thing.

    JC is great. I haven’t heard his new album yet. It’s on my to-do list.

    Apostrophe’s are’s very’s handy’s indeeds. I use’s them all the time’s.

    Just discovered Armstron and Miller. They have their show just before Jonathan Ross. The sketches with the 2 soldiers and the prehistoric sketch are hilarious.

    Don’t know about JC (Jim Carrey, this time). He’ll always be The Mask to me.

    X-mas card exchange? Is it that time of the year again. Oh man, I must think of something fast. I want to see if I can come up with something fun again this year.

  2. Listening to Sondre Lerche while reading your last blog post. Fingers crossed for tomorrow – especially for the 12 o’clock meeting.

    As for the “This-is-not-a-Christmas-card-exchange: YES, YES, YES from me (I just sent my vote.) My last years girls would like to have some company; and I have got an idea already what to send in return. Unfortunately I am not sure if I will be able to realise this little project because it requirese a bit of time some technicals skills… (Are you curious already?)

  3. This is a great song. Gonna send to my doggie furiends who will be going in for surgery. Thanks

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