The law of sod: Phone calls

Here is what I have learned the last two weeks.

When you are looking for a job and desperate for recruiters or job people to call you:

  • The phone will ring just when left your room for a minute making a cup of tea.
  • Would you however take your phone with you at all times (I admit having taken it into the bathroom) – it won’t ring.
  • When you miss that most important call, the phone number of the caller in your missed-calls-list will say “UNKNOWN” so you can’t call them back!

It drives me mental at times.
Other things I have learned – job hunting takes time. It also takes time for people to get back to me, it is just the way it is and I need to get used to it.

And here is something someone told me in an email yesterday:
The more little bits of paper you push in a tube the sooner one pops out the other end.

So I will continue to push little bits of paper in the tube (god knows how many applications I have sent already, but new jobs keep popping up every day so that is a good thing right?).

It still is up and down, but when I hit a low point the phone rings, and if I actually am lucky to get the call (see above) it is a recruiter and I have hope again. At some point in time, there will be a job for me, I just need to be patient.

I am actually looking forward to New York now. I will bring my laptop to be able to check up on email but I will try to not think to much about it those days I am away. I am quite sure that seeing both James Bond and Wolverine on the same stage will somehow enable me to do that. Not sure why …

I am taking the afternoon off. Will take the bus to Chelsea, have a tea and a read, and will then watch Michael Caine’s Harry Brown. It is supposed to be one of his finest works. (And I loved him on This Morning yesterday).

May your Friday be funky.

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  1. You are the FunkSister!! Have a good weekend and sorry for the lack of communication – I’m still on the case and will drop you an email early next week!

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