New York – the plan

Plans are there to go and do something completely different – but this is the basic idea I have.

As you can see, Sunday is still open for suggestions. I might need a quiet day there, but any suggestions on what to do there are appreciated. I might take the free IKEA ferry and go and visit a part of Brooklyn.

Some news from the job front:
I have my first non-recruiter interview on Wednesday (next week). I have had loads of interviews with recruiters the last couple of weeks, but this is the first concrete job interview. I am exited and look forward to it. My CV has also been send to a couple of other interesting companies, I am waiting to hear if they are interested to see me.

My biggest problem is to convince both recruiters and companies that my split back ground (I am 50% techie – 50% creative – but 100% nice) is in fact a good thing. Some of them seem to get it, and hopefully in the end the right (and open minded) company is going to offer me a job.

So it is not a bad time to have a short getaway trip. I can’t really force things to go faster, I have put an enormous amount of energy into job hunting the last weeks and I think it will be good for me to have a short break from it.

I will get back to the this-is-not-an-xmas-card exchange, but there seem people enough to have a go at it again so let’s do it! I have to admit that I currently have no idea for a card yet, but maybe I will find some ideas in New York (While watching Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman perhaps? Ok probably not …).

I will make the official announcement for the card exchange when I am back. And seeing as I am a bit late this year, I might move it to January. Hey it wasn’t a Christmas card anyway right?

I will take camera and laptop and such to New York, (I need to keep an eye on my job emails) so I might post from there. Be good while I am gone!

9 thoughts to “New York – the plan”

  1. I hope the cockroaches are gone when your back from NY, have a nice flight and a relaxed week over seas ;-)

  2. @Annerie – thanks a lot. And do behave while I am away :)

    @Lone – thanks Lone. You pinpointed the reason I am going in the first place :)

    @Miek thanks mum, I am not too worried about the cockroaches, I have never seen them! Our porter (concierge) is going to sort it out. And I will relax for sure! :)

  3. 50% techie and 50% creative and 100% good in both! and yes…. of course nice :-)

    have a good time! remember to take the right plugs for your laptop and battery chargers…

    and (it’s just an idea) make it a city theme this years card.

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