Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in A Steady Rain, New York

Now this was bound to be a magical evening and it was. I am not sure if it was the fantastic well acted and intense play that this is, or if it was the two leads auctioning off their shirts at the end of the show. Tough choice!

It was a challenge to get a decent ticket for this. Not the least because Ticketmaster (the ticket company selling the tickets) gives American Express creditcard holders a chance to buy tickets one week before all others. A very irritating gesture for all other people wanting to have a ticket.

So at the day the left over tickets became available I went to through all performance days until I found a ticket that wasn’t in the back of the theatre. And I fond one, for the 19th of November.

Needless to say that tickets for this show are immensely popular (when will you ever have a chance to see James Bond and Wolverine on stage together again?). And while it seemed that most of the Americans seemed to be there for Hugh Jackman, I certainly had nothing against watching Daniel Craig too.

Both actors played Chicago cops, best friends, in good and in very bad. It was a very naked staged, two chairs, a little bit of background and one and a half hour of intense acting. (There wasn’t an interval, which was great).

I admit that I was just interested to see those two men without really caring about the play – but the play was absolutely gripping. It took a little time to get used to the Chicago accents with which both actors speak, and it did take a little more time to get used to Daniel Craig’s moustache, but I was drawn into this intense story very quickly and forgot all about insignificant details like that.

All I can say is that if you are lucky enough to have scored a ticket, you have something to look forward too.

When I saw Bill Nighy in the Music Box theatre in 2007 (which was just opposite the Schoenfeld theatre as you can see on the photo), after the play the actors would come out and sign tickets and Playbill programs. I can only imagine the mess it would create if Craig and Jackman would do this. They were fully aware of this too, and decided to use their stardom to support charity. This meant that you could buy signed posters and Playbills in stead (for quite a spicey price I must say), and to raise even more money, they took off their outer shirt (big approval from the audience!) and offered to sell their under shirt to the public. The shirt would be signed, and you would have a chance to briefly meet them backstage. The two shirts went for $12000!

Life is good in New York. A little bit of (steady) rain yesterday (nothing more than appropriate) but today the sun is out. I am just checking the latest emails, try to not be too worried that there aren’t any concrete job related ones, and then I am off to Coney Island for some sun, sea and fresh air.

Have a nice weekend!

7 thoughts to “Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in A Steady Rain, New York”

  1. Actually sounds like a great experience and I must admit that I feel a little jealous. ;-)

    I wouldn’t know what to do with a shirt of one of those guys but Jackman has been selling his signed hat from “Australia” on a German charity TV show, yesterday. It was sold for 12000 Euro. Would’ve loved to get it…

  2. the first weeks they singed Playbills outside the theater and took pictures with the fans. I can tell you, it was crazy. I was glad to get both autographs and even pics with the men. They stopped signing outside the theater because of the auctions for the charity. I would put Daniel’s shirt into a tupper box to conserve the unbelievable hotness. LOL

  3. Oohh! Coney Island (Rabbit Island from the Gaelic, do ya know?) is mostly closed this time of year. A Good Buddy lives near at Broad Channel which is a unique urban village of 3,000 people nearby on an island in the middle of Jamaica Bay nature reserve with Coney on one side, JFK Airport on the other and beaches at Rockway on the Atlantic on the other side. It even has its own subway station.

    Enjoy your time in Nieuw Amsterdam!!

  4. Oh it sounds as if your evening was magical. I’d be over the moon if I could see Hugh Jackman in live theatre. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ work will come soon!

  5. @grigorisgirl: I have heard rumours that there was a tiny chance, but I am not counting on it too much. It will probably also be impossible to get tickets.

    @ispellit: would not really know what to do with a shirt either. A cup of tea with those two on the other hand … :)

    @dunda: great you got signatures!

    @daithaic: the funfair was indeed closed, but that was for the better if you ask me. It was very peaceful and quiet on the beach, fantastic weather though!

    @kate: thanks for stopping by! It was great to see them, and they seemed to get along really well those two men, was great to see. They are both very charming.

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