A week of Wows

Despite the job hunting going like wading through ever in thickness increasing mud, I had a week of wows. I witnessed beautiful things that really made me stop and say “Wow”.

Dan and Hugh

The first WOW was Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman, Thursday a week ago exactly. I already wrote about that here, so I will spare you any further remarks. Clearly they have the wow factor. For obvious reasons.

Tim Burton Exhibition – Moma, New York

On Monday I visited the Tim Burton exhibitions in the museum of Modern Art (Moma) in New York. It was great. I am a big fan of Tim Burton’s film work and have seen most of his films. He has a very distinctive style and the exhibition showed a lot of film props from his films, models, drawings and paintings by Tim Burton. It was great to see some of the models used in stop motion productions (The Nightmare of Christmas, The Corpse Bride). Sketches of what the hands of Edward Scissorhands should look like and more. It is amazing what a creative and weird brain this man has. Very enjoyable and wow if you are a fan.

My favourite Tim Burton films: Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands. I also quite liked Sweeney Todd and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and can’t wait for his take on Alice in Wonderland (the trailer with Johnny Depp looks amazing).

You can read more about the Tim Burton exhibition here, and also have a look at some videos. The photo above is the only photo we were allowed to take, a Tim Burton designed inflatable in the entrance area of the museum.

Do you like Tim Burton’s work and what are your favourite Burton films?

Snow Patrol in the Royal Albert Hall

And yesterday there was Snow Patrol in the Royal Albert Hall. I admit that I was quite late in discovering Snow Patrol but better late than never. The Royal Albert Hall is a fantastic place for concerts and Snow Patrol made good use of the hall’s possibilities. They even used the amazingly huge Albert Hall organ in one of their songs. They had a lot of musicians with them on stage (I counted 15 people at some point!), strikers, a horns sections, a harpist, and lots more and also had an amazing light show.

They played most of the songs from their latest Up to Now – The Best Of album. The first half was dedicated to the more quiet numbers (Run played with the violinists made me cry, as did the thousands of people singing along to it, fantastic atmosphere). And the second half was more rock ‘n roll and people got out of their comfy seats. It was an amazing experience.

The concerts are filmed for a later to be published Live DVD.

Some of my favourite Snow Patrol songs:

And some others:
Chasing Cars
Take Back the City

Do you know Snow Patrol and what are your favourites?

Oh and a final Wow !! for all those people who have signed up for the non-xmas-card thingy. You can still signup if you haven’t done so and I better start drawing soon!

6 thoughts to “A week of Wows”

  1. Glad you had such a good time in NY. I must admit I hadn’t really got into Tim Burton but then he did Sweeney Todd with Depp and Rickman which I loved and I am really looking forward to Alice. I have seen and loved Edward Scissorhands and also the very weird Ed Wood!
    Not heard much of Snow Patrol but will give your link a listen.

  2. I don’t know much about Tim Burton (have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), but I definitely like the blue inflatable :)

    As for Snow Patrol: I like their music. But I bought their CD (A Hundred Million Suns) together with “The Script”. And compared to them, Snow Patrol didn’t really have a chance. (Although I can imagine they are great on stage!)
    Do you know “The Script”?

  3. I don’t know much about…..
    but I most likely will buy something from the amazing
    “les Blérots de Ravel”. Heard them playing on the radio.
    Their website is something sympatique:
    Just click on the sunflower…

  4. I only saw Edward and it made me feel really confused and sad. But still want to see Nightmare on Christmas Eve.

    Chasing Cars makes me cry even though the friend I missed badly listening to it is not in my life anymore. By my choice and conviction…

  5. Bummer on the job hunt Ingrid…

    Tim Burton’s universe is cool – Really loved Ed Wood… I found Mars Attacks quite funny, and the first Batman with Michael Keaton was killer…

    Not a Snow Patrol fan at all, actually think they are kind’a boring – however their track called WOW is one of their “high lights” for me, hehe…

  6. The live of Snow Patrol sounds WONDERFUL in London. The Royal Albert Hall seems SO big. I have seen them last june in l’Elysée Montmarte in Paris but it’s a little place. Nothing like you, with all musiciens and lights. But it was AWESOME. So I can’t imagine how awesome it was for you.
    I love them. I talk about it in my blog : http://andersonsmother.blogspot.com/2009/06/snow-patrol-ca-dechire-sa-race.html and put some videos of my experience on YT.
    I just discovered your blog, it’s very nice. It’s because of the article about “the girl in the cafe” with two actors of “State of Play” that I finished to watch today. I think maybe I’ll participate to the TGITC tour too.

    Bons Baisers de France

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