The Xmas tree gallery

@Girlinthecaf It's finished !  on Twitpic
This is Annerie’s xmas tree – click for larger image because there is a heart in this tree. Actually!!

@CrazyLady22 Nou...deze! on Twitpic
Pedro’s tree, still standing in a considerate amount of snow. Wonderful.

Grigorisgirl’s tree is here Love the Sun globe. It is fun to see what other people have in their Xmas tree.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpicthewholetweet’s parents’ Christmas tree

If you have any photos of your Xmas tree please send them and I will add them here. (or if they are on Flickr or Twitpic or such, please send a link). I love to see how all those xmas trees are different.

Show me your Christmas tree

I don’t really like the Christmas shopping madness, but I love the lights and Christmas trees.

My room in London is too small for a tree so I would love to see your tree if you have one setup! It might be a festive sight to see the photos so if you have a tree at work or at home, big or small it doesn’t matter, please take a photo of it and email it to me on the following address:

Spread the word and send me your trees please!

The snow situation in London: apart from some flakes on the roofs there is no snow here. How is the snow situation where you are?

The job hunting situation

Just a short update on the job front.

I have found a temporary contracting job.

It is in a huge international creative agency in London and I am doing project management work for projects for big international brands. It is very busy and there is a lot of work which is a good thing. I have been there for a week now and they haven’t told me to go yet so I guess I am doing allright. For now.

The plan is to hopefully stay there for some months (am hoping for January and February at least), acquire some great additional experience to put on my CV which hopefully will make it easier to find the next job after this.

It calms the nerves and worries down for a while and I am taking a short break from frantically hunting all other possible jobs, but will keep my eyes open should the perfect permanent job come by.

Somehow losing my job has had an enormous effect on my spirit and creativity, but I can feel that I am slowly getting back on my feet again now. Writings here will still be a bit irregular but will get back to normal not too long from now.

So that’s the current situation.

I also realised that I left my notebook including my sketches for my not-an-xmas-card in the plane coming back from New York! That’s a bit of a bugger, but I vaguely remember what the idea was so I will start working on that soon too.

Where The Wild Things Are

If you are young at heart, go see this film. It is wonderful. If you have children (not to young though) take them too. And the music is absolutely awesome too.

Official website

I am not back yet, I am still running around on the island with Max and Carol and KW. If you are as tired of everything as Max and me, I can recommend you to join us and be king for a day or two.

I will return soon (ish).

Did I tell you that you should go and see this film? Really you should.