Where The Wild Things Are

If you are young at heart, go see this film. It is wonderful. If you have children (not to young though) take them too. And the music is absolutely awesome too.

Official website

I am not back yet, I am still running around on the island with Max and Carol and KW. If you are as tired of everything as Max and me, I can recommend you to join us and be king for a day or two.

I will return soon (ish).

Did I tell you that you should go and see this film? Really you should.

5 thoughts to “Where The Wild Things Are”

  1. Film start here is Dec 17. I’ll definitely go and see the film with my kids. Something to look forward to.

    And, hey, it is good to see that you are still there, even if you are not back ;)

  2. I recall the book in my kids school library but don’t think we ever read it but it looks great and I might have to go off for one of my sneaky mornings at the flix!

  3. @grigorisgirl – I quickly browsed through the book in a book shop, not a lot of text, lots of pictires :) But can recommend this one if you like films for the young at heart.

    @Zazz – I hope you and your kids will like it. I find it very hard to say if this is a film for children or not, despite it being based on a childrens book.

    @pedro – yes give it a go, it has some great scenery too.

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