The job hunting situation

Just a short update on the job front.

I have found a temporary contracting job.

It is in a huge international creative agency in London and I am doing project management work for projects for big international brands. It is very busy and there is a lot of work which is a good thing. I have been there for a week now and they haven’t told me to go yet so I guess I am doing allright. For now.

The plan is to hopefully stay there for some months (am hoping for January and February at least), acquire some great additional experience to put on my CV which hopefully will make it easier to find the next job after this.

It calms the nerves and worries down for a while and I am taking a short break from frantically hunting all other possible jobs, but will keep my eyes open should the perfect permanent job come by.

Somehow losing my job has had an enormous effect on my spirit and creativity, but I can feel that I am slowly getting back on my feet again now. Writings here will still be a bit irregular but will get back to normal not too long from now.

So that’s the current situation.

I also realised that I left my notebook including my sketches for my not-an-xmas-card in the plane coming back from New York! That’s a bit of a bugger, but I vaguely remember what the idea was so I will start working on that soon too.

10 thoughts to “The job hunting situation”

  1. How could losing your job not be a blow to the spirit… but hearing that optimism in your post is great! Congratulations on the position! Still sending good thoughts your way! I’m getting the feeling that good things will soon be coming your way! ;-)

  2. Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle. Congratulations are in order. Let’s hope something good, no something great comes from this job.

  3. Hej Ingrid

    Glaeder mig meget at hoere, at du har fundet et midlertidigt job – du har fortjent et pusterum :-). Og hvem ved – maaske du kan faa forlaenget dette job, naar nu firmaet finder ud af, hvor dygtig du er :-).

    Hvor skal du tilbringe julen i aar?

    Mange hilsener

  4. Congratulations on the contracting job. That’s good news. It’s a stepping stone. It’s money in the bank. You never know it may lead to something else too. It’s good to see you blogging.

    That’s very TE Lawrence leaving your notebook on a mode of transport!

  5. Congrats on the job. Hope you’ll like it there and who knows, maybe they’ll like to keep you for longer so that you gain time to look for the perfect job. At least you got a pause from the stressful search.

  6. @Gerry: Thanks Gerry. I am really surprised about how much it has knocked me out, I didn’t see that coming. But all is fine now :)

    @pedro: thank you. It is good to be back at work, and let’s see what happens.

    @Anne: Tusind tak skal du have! Og jeg haaber paa en forlaengelse, men hvis ikke saa har jeg i hvert fald faaet lidt mere erfaring igen. Jeg skal tilbringe julen i Holland sammen med min mor! :) Det bliver godt at slappe lidt af med familien. Bedste hilsner til dig ogsaa!

    @vanillasky: indeed, it is a stepping stone, and the money in the bank is very useful too indeed. And I don’t think I have ever left anything on the plane before! Silly. Good thing it was a fresh notebook with not too many notes in it yet.

    @Ispellit: Thank you!

  7. Good to hear your update with the good news. It may not be exactly what you’re aiming for, but I’m sure it’s good to have somewhere to go each day. I was in your shoes a year ago and understand completely what a gut punch it can be. Things will get better.

  8. a friend sent me a link to your blog…. i am feeling your situation. finding a permanent job you love is tough. i look forward to reading more

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