Show me your Christmas tree

I don’t really like the Christmas shopping madness, but I love the lights and Christmas trees.

My room in London is too small for a tree so I would love to see your tree if you have one setup! It might be a festive sight to see the photos so if you have a tree at work or at home, big or small it doesn’t matter, please take a photo of it and email it to me on the following address:

Spread the word and send me your trees please!

The snow situation in London: apart from some flakes on the roofs there is no snow here. How is the snow situation where you are?

10 thoughts to “Show me your Christmas tree”

  1. Don’t know about the X-mas tree. Normally I put it up right after Sinterklaas, but this year I’ve been to busy to do it. And now it’s getting closer to Christmas, I think it’s to much work to get the tree down from the attic. Maybe next week? I don’t know.

    Snow? You much be joking. Acres and acres of it. I’m glad we’ve stored jams, dried fruits, matches and candles. We haven’t left our house in days ;-)

  2. We put our tree up on the 23rd and I’d love to send you a picture then :)

    Snow situation here is a little crazy. Snowed all day yesterday and today – while I was at work, I might add! So yeah, people didn’t clear the pavement for snow and it was quite slippery .. You know what happened next. My bike was stuck in a lot of snow, too.

  3. We don’t have a Christmas tree yet. We don’t decorate it before the morning of the 24th. I will send you a picture after Christmas.

    Snow situation? Very wintery. Layers of snow everywhere. Last night we had a party on the terrace of our house with camp fire, hot spiced wine and potato soup. Temperature at 21:00 h was – 11.5 ° C. Very cold, but very romantic, too.

  4. No Christmas tree here, but masses of snow. My parents on Fyn have been snowed in for days, and there is more to come. Århus is also pretty crazy with lots of snow – the kids love it, but it´s difficult getting to work.
    Right now -8 and getting colder…

  5. It’s still not finished. Christmas shopping was a 3 hour nightmare and I didn’t even have to buy presents. Just food !
    It’s really icy cold here. It was minus 10 when I returned home. But the snow looks a bit cheap. like the machine broke down halfway lol.

  6. @ruth: did you send me a photo by email as I didn’t receive it? (Or I completely misunderstood your comment!)

    @Anna: yes please do send a pic when the tree is up, would love to see it!

    @all: thank you for all photos, they all look lovely!

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