The Xmas tree gallery

@Girlinthecaf It's finished !  on Twitpic
This is Annerie’s xmas tree – click for larger image because there is a heart in this tree. Actually!!

@CrazyLady22 Nou...deze! on Twitpic
Pedro’s tree, still standing in a considerate amount of snow. Wonderful.

Grigorisgirl’s tree is here Love the Sun globe. It is fun to see what other people have in their Xmas tree.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpicthewholetweet’s parents’ Christmas tree

If you have any photos of your Xmas tree please send them and I will add them here. (or if they are on Flickr or Twitpic or such, please send a link). I love to see how all those xmas trees are different.

3 thoughts to “The Xmas tree gallery”

  1. I’m sorry but I’ll skip this one. No plans on putting up a tree this year. All the snow makes it X-massy enough for me.

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