New Year – Snow – London – IJsselstein – photos

I do think Simon looks a bit like a gentleman with his scarf, black hat and red heart shaped buttons. And he is still standing!

I finally had the time to sort out the photos I took over Christmas, New Year and here back in London.

One of the very good things of being home in the Netherlands on New year’s day – oliebollen en appel flappen! We made these apple flaps ourselves and oh were they good with cinnamon and sugar!

It was cold, but we went on a cycling trip, my mum and I, it was wonderful weather.

I thought this was such a wonderful sight: a man, his dog and the wonderful blue umbrella contrasting the white snow. Taken from my window at my mum’s house.

We let up two Sky lanterns and made a wish for 2010. If you don’t like fireworks but still want to do something special for New Year, I can hugely recommend them. You light them and they take off like a paper air balloon. The seem to be able to travel for miles.

If you look carefully you can still see the sky lantern, it is the small light dot in the middle.

And it is still winter in London too. A view from my window in London. Unfortunately I have to move from here, so I enjoy this view while I still have it.

Have you taken some snow or winter photos? Have you built a snowman?

6 thoughts to “New Year – Snow – London – IJsselstein – photos”

  1. The view from your window is simply divine! Too bad you have to move.

    I haven’t made a snowman yet – it’s not really fun when you’re alone. But I have been in snowball fight with my dogs and then some kids from my old school. That is, they attacked me while I as at work. All I heard was “POSTMAN!” and snow flew at me from every angle. Loads of fun that was!

  2. I wish you and your family all the best for 2010.

    I must say these ‘appelflappen’ look more like ‘appelbeignets’ to me, but I can tell from the picture they were great.

    Didn’t know sky lanterns were available in Holland. It looks so cool. Maybe next year.

    Hope you’ll find a new place soon.

  3. Yeah, the old appel flappen/beignets discussion;o) We have it here every year since I’m from the South and hubby’s from the North…

    I LOVE the light from your room. So the new one needs a view I guess. Desperately lol.

    Happy 2010 !!

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