Where were we?

I am not the complaining type but saying that my new year started smoothly might be overdoing it a bit. January just isn’t my month. After losing my job in November I just found out that I need to move out of my room.

I am not happy to go as I really enjoyed the view but I didn’t really have a choice. And while I was prepared for a stressful couple of weeks chasing for a new place, things seem to have fallen into place already. (Let’s hope nothing gets in the way now but) I have found a room around the corner of Battersea Park. If I continue walking along the side of the park (even though I am already sure I will spent a lot of time in the park as there is a tea pavillion and a place where they sell ice cream near a lake) I will get to Albert Bridge and if I walk over the bridge, crossing the Thames, I stand in Chelsea. It is a brilliant location indeed with lots of cycling possibilities too.

I will share with two men again, I am used to that now, and I am fine with that, not the least because we’ll have a cleaner. And I just hope that I can stay there for a longer period than my current room. I know that nothing is certain in London, it is the nature of the city, but one can always hope.

I will also be very close to Clapham Junction (good for shopping and train connections) and loads of bus stops so that’s all good.

There is only one thing – I need to pack all my stuff down in boxes again, and I have exactly 16 days to do it.

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  1. Well, that sounds promising. Let’s hope you can stay for the next … years. All that packing and unpacking must be very nerve wrecking.
    You forgot to mention Battersea Dogs & Cats Home by the way, which is a definite bonus in my book.

    16 Days? Okay…ready…steady…pack!

  2. Sorry the other place didn’t work out. I have fond childhood memoies of Battersea Fun Fair & Pleasure Gardens as they were known. I believe the funfair was built for the Festival in the Fifties. I recall my first ride on a water chute that was very exciting. My Mum was brought up in Battersea and I spent my first year in a house by the railway at Wandsworth. It will be lovely to cross the river and stroll to Chelsea. I’m sure you can pack in sixteen days, we sold a house over a period of two weeks once and managed to get it all done!;)
    Plus a cleaner:)))))

  3. @Pedro: true! Battersea Dogs & Cats is close to Battersea Powerstation (another wellknown Battersea sight). It is not that close to me but I have passed it by train many time, most Victoria trains pass it. Always lots of dogs outside. Sad :(

    @Sue: another case of the owner wanting to sell the property. I was sad about it, but am now looking forward to Battersea. And the cleaner is indeed a bonus! Regarding packing, I hate packing but it has to be done, and can be done in sixteen days. It’s only one room! A whole house in two weeks is very impressive!! :)

  4. That’s a fab place to live, I spent several years working just down the road by Battersea Bridge, so close to the river too, great in the Summer.

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