The London house share market – an example ad

£170 per week (en suite) / £736 per month

We have a room to let!
Ideally want a quiet single person, who’s hardly ever in and who doesn’t need to use the kitchen much. Spacious family house in Chiswick. Big room with shared en suite bathroom. Near to tube (Chiswick Park) and mainline station (Chiswick). On the busy Ellesmere Road, but room is at back overlooking garden. £170 pw, all bills -broadband – included.

So for £736 a month they want someone who is “hardly ever in” and who does not eat as they don’t want you to use the kitchen much.

I think I am going to email them right away, that sounds like a bargain deal to me! [add Cynicism!]

(PS1: I actually emailed them to tell them that they were greedy people, sorry I could not help myself. And I hope the room does not get let.

PS2: And in case you were wondering, am I now moving again? Yes temporarily as I accidentally ended up in a smokers room in Battersea and I it making me sick (literally). The temporarily – I will tell you more about that at some point.)

7 thoughts to “The London house share market – an example ad”

  1. If you don’t ask… but you’re right. They want you to pay gazillions of pounds for the room, but they expect you to live in the nearby Gladstone Park in a tent.

  2. Yes and please a tent that is invisible :)

    Funny I just checked the ad again and they now have lowered the price to “only” £160 per month. Which is only £693,= per month.

    Still though:
    “Ideally want a quiet single person, who’s hardly ever in and who doesn’t need to use the kitchen much. Ideally… that is! ”

    With the emphasis on “Ideally – that is!”

    I so hope those greedy buggers don’t find anyone crazy enough to go for it.

  3. Oh, wait I got an answer from them:

    “Hello This is an auto responder sent on behalf of [greedy person]. Unfortunately either the room/property has gone or is not suitable for your requirements. Many thanks for your interest, [greedy person] ”

    Very right, not suitable at all.

  4. For that price you can have a two bedroom flat all of your own around here! And that place is Chiswick! Hardly Central London:(
    You don’t have much luck on the house front, do you?

  5. @grigorisgirl – naeh, prices have gone up enormously the last years. I don’t intend to stay in London much longer, but will need to live here until I have found a job elsewhere.

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