11 thoughts to “It is time”

  1. Wow, cool! Considering you’ve been living abroad for quite some time, NL will probably feel a bit new after all :-)

  2. are you moving there for good? :o
    why? I’m a little shocked.

    you don’t know me. i’m sort of a quiet follower. :)

  3. Hi Girl in the Cafe,

    I was a follower/fan of you when you were in Arhus/Denmark, about 10 years ago.

    I’m thinking now about moving to Denmark, i just read you will return to The Lowlands, what a surprise!

    Congratulations and success with your move.

  4. Ingrid, you know I am following your twitter messages. Although I cannot recommend a makelaar, I would like to recommend a book. One that cannot be compared to Mankell at all, but one of my best reads in the last years: “After River” by Donna Milner. Very touching, without being shallow.

    And: YES! to BlogLily. A picture of the Girl on a Bike or a photograph of your latest acquirement would be very much appreciated… :)

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