7 thoughts to “The power plug challenge”

  1. Oh, tough one! Buying plug adapters for them all would be pretty expensive. Of course, you can always change the plug. My dad does it all the time with our stuff from Singapore.

  2. I have to agree with Anna. Go to Gamma, Praxis, Formide or…, buy some plugs and change them. As logn as the connected devices are suitable to use on 230V AC / 50Hz there shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Even naar de ANWB (Gedempte Oudegracht), een wereldstekker halen en daar een engels verdeeldoos aan koppelen. Werkt alles in 1x!

  4. Tried to but a travel plug but they only have NL to UK not UK to NL :) Will see if I can replace some plugs and order a travel plug from amazon. We’ll get there eventually.

  5. Cut off the silly english power plugs and replace them with “dutch” ones. Make sure you buy plugs with grounding.
    While you’re at it, toss the power socket extension shown in the picture. It has no grounding.

  6. Find someone in the UK and have them ship over a couple of adaptorplugs to you. Because all the British people need them when traveling abroad, they are quite cheap in the UK.

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