And where will I live

I visited the apartment near the river for the second time today and this time I was sure: that’s the place for me. I have decided to place a bid on it (that’s the way it works in the Netherlands), and will do so tomorrow.

I don’t know if there are any other potential buyers. I do know that the real estate guy I hired told me that the price the seller is trying to sell for is too high. So the selling game between the real estate people on both sides will begin.

The guy selling the place has already moved in with his new girlfriend. So let’s hope he wants to sell fast and for a lower price – to me. Exiting times ahead!

10 thoughts to “And where will I live”

  1. Do you need to hire a real estate guy in the Netherlands to buy an apartment? I mean do you pay him money and then he will help to find something?

    That’s not the way it works in Denmark. Here the real estate guy only works for the seller. If you need help with the paper work you hire a lawyer. But you are normally on your own to find your new home.

  2. The back and forth negotiating about the price is in full swing. It is going in the right direction with the price, but the seller has to go down a bit more (according to my real estate guy – whom I trust in this process)

  3. Congratulations. I’ll toast to your new appartment. It will become a famous spot in time I will think of a plaque to commemorate your stay there. The other places you have lived deserve plaques too :-)
    How will you name your new home?
    I once came accross the name “plexat”. A fine name I thought. Or: “pour le boulanger”?

  4. Good luck! not only does it matter what the real estate guy thinks, but also what you are willing to pay for it. and I’m sure that it’s worth it!

  5. Is it an appartment in Haarlem or IJsselstein?
    And know that 2.000 till 5.000 euro doesn’t make a big difference in the amount of mortgage you pay every month!

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