Home work – part I


Making a place your home needs a lot of:

Endless trips to the DIY shops
Hole filling
Red (no really!) Carpet removal
Laminate floor removal
New floor installation (this will be done for me thank goodness)
Wall painting
Wall papering
Decisions on what colours to put on the walls (any ideas?)
Loads of Radio Rock

Current status: carpet gone, old wall paper gone, one (smallest) room painted.

Today’s planning: pick up my new pink retro chair (will be stored in the basement until the painting is done).  Paint the second room.

4 thoughts to “Home work – part I”

  1. Well, that sounds good. It’s always a lot of work to make a house your home, but it’ll be fulfilling at the end.
    Colours on the wall? Hmm, they have to go with the pink retro chair…difficult.
    Painted the smallest room in the house? I don’t understand why you should paint the closet with the water- and electricity meter at all ;-)
    Keep us posted.

  2. I didn’n do any wall papering at all, just painted all the walls. My living room has 2 white and 2 bright red walls. Sounds a lot, but the largest red wall is partly covered with a hugh bookcase. Looks beautiful!

    My study is painted white with ‘appeltjesgroen’. Looks fresh and inspiring.

    Bottomline: don’t be affraid to use bright collors; you can always paint it again if it’s a bit to much.

    Have fun!

  3. Pedro: the smallest room is actually my study :) I have no intention to pay the closet!

    @sonnetje I like bright colors too. I need to wallpaper 2 walls so I can paint them properly. (Glasvezel vlies behang zonder struktuur.)

    I will decide on the colors soon.

  4. Hi Ingrid, really dig the radio… Retro the cool way…
    Just read you are in the netherlands again… Best of luck :)
    I hope to see amsterdam again soon, one of the most charming cities I have been to…

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