Home work II

Empty new house

I can’t look more depressing than it does now can it? It will only get better from now on. At least it is stripped if any sign of previous inhabitants now, ready to be built up again.

The old laminate floor has now been completely removed too.
And I have the plastic wrapped pink retro chair and a great solid oak (light colour) dinner/coffee/hygge/cosy table in a card box standing in my basement – waiting to come upstairs to my living room. Before they can come up – I have 4 days (Sat-Sun and Wed-Thu) to:

  • paint my sleepingroom (walls and ceiling)
  • wallpaper 2 walls in my living room with glassfiber (so I can paint them too)
  • paint my living room (walls and ceiling)
  • paint my kitchen ceiling

Will I make it in time?

And what do you think about these colours – are they too “cold” for a living room and should I go for the pink/orange ones? (White wall and three stripes over the length of one wall is the basic idea)

Alternative – leave the walls white and put up some colourful posters in stead?


4 thoughts to “Home work II”

  1. I should say: red & orange in the livingroom, the above one in the study, the bright blue in the kitchen and the grey in the bathroom.

  2. When we moved house some years ago, we painted most rooms white because we didn’t have much time. In the meantime, most rooms (except the hallways) have at least one wall coloured, because white is glaring and boring at the same time.

    In my opinion the top three colours are stylish and ‘cool’ but maybe too cold for a livingroom, especially in winter. They would go well with white furniture, I think. Stripes in red/orange/pink (the pink matching the retro chair) will go well with the light oak table and make the room look cosy gemuetlich. What about green and pink? Or red, orange and grey? However you decide: Will you post a picture of the striped wall? I am dead curious…

  3. Still pondering about the colours, but I just bought dinner chairs and they are purple, ice blue, orange and grey.

    Add to that my pink chair, and there are a couple of options here. I guess that leaves the lime out of the living room. (I might put some lime in my study though)

    @Zazz – I will definitely post a picture of the striped wall!

    @Joachim – yes it will give the illusion of stretching, which is a good thing as my living room is not enormous.

    @Sonnetje – well I just bough an orange dinner chair, but red/orange on my wall I am not really decided on yet. I will have to decide soon though!

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