Home work III -nearly there

Bedroom with Pirates of the Carribean blue wall

Mini garden

There is progress.

All the paint work is done, wowee! Except the stripes in my living room, but that’s not a lot of work and will be done next week.

I have assembled 4 closets. There are two more Billy’s to assemble, that should be a breeze (with a name like that).

The floor has been installed. (Color: weathered oak (grey-ish))

I have a livingroom with a pink chair and two glossy white coffee/tea tables. My dinner table is waiting to get up and my dinner chairs (I ordered an ice blue, purple, orange and grey one – to keep it colourful) are hopefully delivered next week too.

I have a sleepingroom with a Pirates of the Carribean blue wall and 4 closets. And funky curtains!

I have a terrace with flower bulbs, the snowdrops are nearly blooming.

Tomorrow the movers will deliver the rest of my things so I will be reunited with my stuff.

Tuesday my (grey) sofa will be delivered.

Hopefully on Wednesday it will look like a real (ish) home. I really look forward to have some relaxing time on my new sofa having a tea and watching, well Inspector Lynley perhaps on Wednesday? Making a new place your home is a big job but the end is in sight.

How are you all doing?

5 thoughts to “Home work III -nearly there”

  1. While you are almost done, we are preparing… for the renovation of our toilet and bathroom. :) Bought a new lavatory pan, a new shower stall, and lots of tiles… And made arrangements with the general contractor. It’ll be done between February 14-25. And once that’s done, we going to repaint some walls and replace the floor. And hopefully buy some new furniture, too. Project Home Sweet Home 2.0. :) How about a double house-warming party when we’re both settled? ;)
    P.S. I like the dinner table and the dinner chairs!

  2. Reading about your progress makes me want to redecorate my house… New wall paint for the living room, a new sofa; I’m discussing options with my husband :)

    Enjoy your new, colourful life!

  3. Looking good! Like the way the blue is a panel and not to the edges. We had exactly the same sort of dining chairs when we first married but they were a boring dark brown. As you know I want to move and am quite envious of you doing up your new place.

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