Sleeping in a new home

Sleeping in a new home is always a bit special. Especially when your bed collapses in the middle of the night when you are sleeping.

Which made me think of two things:

  • How can it be that it didn’t collapse the first night I slept in it?
  • I am not the DIY master Jedi I thought I was. (half of the nuts and bolts needed to keep the together were still laying on the floor!)

So yes I am sleeping in my new house. I did assemble the bed correctly now, so hopefully tonight will go better.

Most of the work is done but I still need to:

Put protection laquer on my dinner table
Paint the colour stripes on my wall
Paint 5 meter of book/photoframe/other things shelf white

I’ll take some photos when all is done. And I will also post the photos of my sofa which had to be lifted onto my balcony by a huge crane (as it was too large to be carried up the stairs – nice way to let the neighbourhood know !)

3 thoughts to “Sleeping in a new home”

  1. I think a regluar job isn’t that weary. Glad to read that you’re making yourself comfortable in the new house.

    DIY Jedi Master? Maybe you should use THE FORCE on that bed of yours :-)

  2. :-D
    Het mooiste vermaak is leedvermaak…
    hope you did not hurt yourself and managed to find your way back in your precollapse dream

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