The power of the iPad: drawing

Last weekend I bought an iPad (2). The iPad is great for a lot of things, but one of them surely is drawing. And then especially drawing for people who aren’t particularly good at it, like me.

Yes I drew the sneaker below, but you could have done the same thing, as it has just been a matter of tracing the lines on a photograph and color them in. (don’t tell anyone that secret though!) I admit you could have done the same thing on a laptop in Photoshop but it is so much easier to just do it on the iPad, not the least because it is instant on and it fits better on your lap.

Anyway, here are a few drawings I made tonight (can you guess what my favourite color is? Yes ok). And I will write a bit more about my experiences with the iPad soon. It’s also a great thing to write blogposts on.



8 thoughts to “The power of the iPad: drawing”

  1. Really nice pictures. I think it is fun to just draw some pictures on an iPad. But i preffer the drawing on a real sheet of paper. I can handle it better, than an iPad. However these pictures are great.

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