Birthday office

It’s that day of the year again

Birthday office

Yes it is that day of the year again. I always find it a weird day, the day where your age increases with 1. It makes you realise that it is another year gone and also wonder if you spent that year wisely. I am not sure I spent it wisely but I did buy my own place which is nice and I am really enjoying my current job (where I have really nice colleagues as you can see on the photo!). I do sometimes miss London though, the cafes, cinemas and theatre shows and just to live in a place that never sleeps.

Seeing as I now have changed from a big city girl into a house owner with a mortgage living in a small town, I am not sure I have enough interesting things to tell here on this blog. (Hence the lack of updates). But I will let it stay on here for a while to see if any writing inspiration returns at some point.

I have dug up my previous birthdays from my archives, funny to see that they have been spent in different countries and with different state of minds:

  • 2010 – Apparantly I was so depressed about having a birthday that I did not write anything at all!
  • 2009, great quotes for any birthday.
  • 2008, spent having cake and a Knickerbocker Glory in Devon
  • 2007, reading this post back – I have absolutely no idea what I was on about there!
  • 2006, spent in London and a birthday post accompanied with that beautiful poem, I’ll have to dig up that MP3 as the poem being read by Bill Nighy is even better
  • 2005, probably already pondering about leaving Denmark for London
  • 2004, spent in Denmark

My birthday present for this year? It is being broadcasted on Sunday on BBC2, 9pm (BST). Yes, some things never change.