5 things about Michael Palin

1. I wondered how he would be. Would he be just as funny as on tv? Oh yes he was, he was hilarious, he has a very silly sense of humour and made everybody laugh a lot.

2. Charming, oh so charming and down to earth.

3. Little chance Michael Palin will do film again, waiting in a trailer for hours a day, he just doesn’t fancy it that much anymore. He left the door open for more unusual and compact film projects though. But he loves travelling too much to give up on those programs (and having nearly free hands from the BBC is worth a lot too there) and would love to do radio. A bit of a shame though about not doing any filmwork anymore.

4. L-o-v-e-l-y voice. (I know, I have a voice fettish)

5. John Cleese was there too!

6. Oh that wasn’t about Michael Palin. Well here then : he doesn’t want to be a politician because he hates meetings!

7. Evenings like this make London a good place to be.

8. His Diaries : The Python Years are now available in an internetshop near you, and there is a fair chance I am going to buy it.

9. Did I mention he was charming? How do they do it, those British men?

The guy with the funky last name

Lee MackLee Mack

A short landing around Tottenham Court Rd yesterday, before we took off again.

“I know where to go.” S. said.
“Oh Comedy. That is where you are supposed to laugh isn’t it. Don’t like it” that was the state I was in.
“He’s funny trust me.”
“I’m not really crazy about standuppers.”
“His last name is Mack.”
“Ha Ha. Very funny. And his first name is Billy right?” I said.
“Truly it is. Lee. Mack. Oh come on, come with me”
I did. To Drill Hall. Ha ha for a funny name for a place.
But it was here the BBC was recording the Radio 2 Lee Mack Show.
And 2 hours with Mack turned out to be exactly what I needed. Of course S. knows what I need.
2 hours so much laughter that the tears rolled down my face.
Hilarious jokes coming in such a high speed that it was hard to keep up.
And Mel C. performed 2 numbers live, after having been harassed about her Spice Girl career by Lee.
What a talent and what a crazy guy.

If you happen to live in London, you can visit the Lee Mack show for free, read more over here at the BBC.

Highly recommended, it blasts all your upcoming winter depressions to pieces.

The Sultans Elephant 2

The Sultans Elephant in front of The National Gallery

So what did I do all weekend you wonder ? Well I walked behind a huge Elephant. I didn’t plan to, but I simply had to. After friday’s impressive appearance I wanted more. So on Saturday, it swept me off my feet again, first of all by appearing even more beautiful and secondly by stopping all traffic on Trafalgar Square (which is a very busy point in London) and march on until it stood right in front of the National Gallery. Incredible. Fantastic. Magical.
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Microhappiness indeed

“Hopefully it won’t take long before we’ll see a show with this guy on the London West End. He surely has talent.”
The Guardian

“More yak, less bull”
The Evening Standard

“Moving, funny, and an absolute original. And where did he get that cool outfit?”
The Daily Mirror

“.. and a cd with all the songs from the show was included in the price. Best value for money.”
The Financial Times

“Far better than Vogon poetry, and a totally outerspace experience …”
The Magrathea Daily

Finally some decent stuff

on the Dutch telly.

BBC Worldwide has announced multiple sales from across its catalogue to each of the Netherlands’ major broadcasting groups NOS, RTL, SBS and Talpa totalling over 170 hours of programming.

NOS has gone for dramas and comedies, comprising the new series of Extras (hilariously funny, with Ricky Gervais, see it, is all I can say), Life on Mars (with a very interesting actor : John Simm, check him out) and Doctor Who (well well, you are going to get David Tennant served too ).
And last but not least, you lucky potatoes : included in the agreement are two Stephen Poliakoff dramas, one of them being Gideon’s Daughter.

And I read in a comment somewhere:
Belgian Canvas (previously BRT2) is going to broadcast The Girl In The Cafe.
Better late than never I would say.
Tune in on April 11 at 21.35.

Now this does interfere with my project a bit maybe, but Dutch people waiting on the list who want to be taken off the list after seeing the film on tv, give me a buzz.

Jamie Cullum meltet the ice in Århus

Jamie Cullum
I have been to quite some concerts, but this definetely was one of the best ever, if not the best. I once saw a concert with Jamie Cullum on tv, and I admit, that you quickly can get the impression that he is one spoiled brat. The way he is moving around stage, his jumping from his piano, his dancing around on stage and all that. But giving the guy a second chance – this is not a spoiled boy. This is an extraordinary musician with the passion for his music running through his veins. And I happen to like people with passion.

All the fine people of Århus came to this concert, in their nice clothes. The musichall was sold out, and I was curious about where this was going. After half an hour, the men had taken of their jackets, all women were screaming and everybody was standing and dancing and clapping. There was this rare connection between the artist and his audience, and I am sure that everybody could sense that, both on and in front of the stage. There was truly magic in the air.

Yes Jamie is a Londoner. And yes I would have bought a t-shirt, if they had accepted credit cards, but they did not. And no this wasn’t the last time I have seen him live, that’s for sure.

A 10/10 for this concert.