“Hello Ingrid, this job you applied for, when can you start ?”
“Uhm well I am in Denmark this week, but will be back in London next Tuesday. I can start on Wednesday”

“Oh, that’s a pity ! I need someone from this week. But call me when you are back in London.”
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr …
“I will !”

Bugger ! This was very close. It was just an admin job, but I take any job I can get for start. So the hunt continues …
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How to be embarrassing in London – part I

Piccadilly Circus

I’ll show you, in 5 simple steps:

Take the wrong side of the stairs all the time, and be a ghostwalker, annoying as many people as possible.
(I’m sorry I really try to remember it, but there is so much to remember)

Accidently follow 2 (theatregroup)guys all the way into the mens room (!) while thinking we were going to have a drink in the pub.
(misunderstanding is my last name – and nothing happened, except a lot of laughing about me, but hey, there are worse things – and we did end in the pub and had the drink anyway)

Come late on at least 2 appointments because the tube is fast, but not as fast as you think, and even though the tubemap is small, in real the distances are long, and travelling takes time.
(London is a big city – remember that !)

Londoners don’t wait for green light, they just walk over whenever they can. I’ve tried to be a wannabe Londoner several times, resulting in cars beginning to drive while I am on the exact middle of the crossing, resulting in some angry car horns telling me that I am not ready for this yet.
(OK, I got that now) (And if there weren’t any “Look Left” – “Look Right” marks on most crossings, I don’t know what might have happened.)

When paying something in cash, annoy the cashier and the people behind you in the queue by having to look closely at every type of coin to see what they are worth.
(Need to do some serious coin study soon).

But I do love London, and I hope soon London will love me too.

Mission accomplished

Chinatown, obviously

Yesterday I went to join the theatre group for the first time. It was nice to meet some new people. And it is going to be exiting to see what will come out of it. There certainly are some talented people in the group, and it is a very creative and inspiring group to be in. I just hope we drop the improvisation sessions soon, because I can’t be creative on command, I am just too shy for that. But otherwise we had a lot of fun, and it is probably a good network to have. And I got my first kiss, on the cheek, and not from Bill the cat. Some Brits really are gentlemen. In London you only get 2 though, not 3 like we do in Holland. All those rules to remember.

I took the day off today from my fulltime jobhunting schedule, which was nice. I haven’t seen anything in the city yet, I haven’t had the time. But there will be time the rest of the year, and the years to come, hopefully. I am back in The Cafe when writing this, for some lunch. This time I am sitting at The Table. Maybe that will bring some luck on the job front. Being here is very inspiring, and if I could be sitting here for a week, I would probably have written a complete book. But I will enjoy my lunch and The Cafe now before I’m ready to go out in London weather again : sunshine one second and rain the next. Very similar to my state of mind at the moment.

But you know the sunlight always shines
Behind the clouds on London skies

Good one Jamie, and very appropriate in more than one way.

Fun With Dick And Jane

The Odeon West End cinema, Leicester square, London
The Odeon West End cinema, Leicester square, London – fanatical about film (and so am I)

Exactly how romantic is it to eat at Burger King on Valentine’s Day. Well at least BK had the best Valentine’s Day slogan I have read today:

On the menu of life, you are the today’s special. And tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. etc.

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To London

They picked up my tv yesterday, and my internetconnection decided to leave too. Which made it a very weird and silent evening. But no further excuses to not start packing, both boxes and my suitcase. And to throw out even more stuff. The fact that I have to carry it down myself all together, is a very good motivation for throwing things out.

This post is written from Aarhus Airport, where I am waiting for the flight to London, which is leaving in about an hour and a half from now. Hopefully without delay, because I need to be in Central London at 15.00, (UK time) for a very important meeting (the first one). I am very nervous, I didn’t sleep that well, I bite my nails, and I am tired already. I wonder how it all will go.

If I have time enough, I will try to go to the real Cafe (The Cafe) just before the meeting. If that can’t get me motivated and focused, I don’t know what can.

If you should be boring yourself at 16.00 (dutch time), send some positive vibes over, I’ll need them desperately at exactly that time, for an hour or so.

Now I need some breakfast.

Easy Mobile ?

I found my passport.

And after 10 faxes, 16(!) emails, and one phonecall (because I was really tired of it) I got a little bit closer to becoming a Londoner. I have my UK mobilephone number.

Now this was supposed to be one of the easy things on my list. But after this I don’t even dare to think about how much of a hassle the other things are going to be …

Action !

Action !
(Michael Learns To Rock – The Actor)

When people here ask me why on earth I want to move to London, I say (apart from the whole new and fresh start thing) : film, theatre, museums. And in the look in their eyes I can see that they don’t get it. Why is the cinema in Århus no longer good enough. Well it is, really, but it wasn’t only the cinema I was thinking about when I say film. I also somehow, want to get a little bit closer to the whole filmmaking process, to find out if it is something I like. Well that sounded like mission-are-you-completely-out-of-your-mind-impossible some months ago, but not anymore. (and I warn you this is a very long post !)
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Easymobile – it could be so easy

Packing boxes is not the hardest part of moving to another country. It is the administrative hassle around it.

I wanted to order a UK mobilephone number, as one of the first things. And easymobile got recommened by the Danes-in-London group on yahoo. So I decided to sign up there. And I knew they needed a UK address to send the simcard to, but no problem I had that. The problem was that they only accepted UK credit cards for payment. And that I don’t have. Getting a UK bankaccount is supposed to be the most difficult step of the whole project.

But I wasn’t going to give up that easily, and I didn’t feel like phoning around at expensive danish rates while in London the week of 13th of February. So I tried the Easymobile live support chat. And through this genious system I could chat with Elliot. And Elliot was a nice guy, probably a Londoner, but I could not really hear his accent, as we were only writing to each other. And I explained him that I really would love to be a customer but, the credit card was a problem.

But Elliot said – no problem – fax me a copy of your passport and your Danish creditcard and I will let you get your UK phonenumber. You can pick your own telephone number (to a certain extent) and I already had a number I would really like to have. I am a number freak.

When the real estate people come with people to have a look at my flat they normally contact me a day or two in advance, so I can clean up a bit. Normally that goes like waiting until the evening before, very late, and then just stack all the stuff laying on my table into one of my drawers.

What does that have to do with the mobile phone number you are wondering. Well – where the hack is my passport !?!

Why I love London, truly, deeply, madly

I joined a theatre group in London (just got the confirmation today), and while I could use some more than 32 days to get all the practicals things in place here in Denmark, I wish I was in London tomorrow to get started with this group.

This is what “we” are going to do:

Initially we’ll be doing various confidence and ice breaking games and adding in improvisation, script reading and then working towards rehearsing a script. With a potentially large group we’ll be breaking up in to smaller groups on the night to allow more experienced people to work together or to lead smaller groups of less experienced people and this will help us integrate people as they join us.

The intention of this group is to provide a fun, sociable outlet for people with an interest in drama and to make it comfortable for those with no experience in drama to find out what it’s like whilst also giving some great opportunities to those with more experience. The plan is to consider a number of opportunities including producing an internet film, a stage show in a Notting Hill theatre (there are a couple) and also starting a group for those wanting more serious amateur dramatics activity.

Outside of the normal drama group nights we’re looking at organising going to see a BBC production being filmed as part of the audience, theatre previews and once we’re established I’ll be inviting experienced directors, actors and other talent to come and talk to the group.

I simply can’t wait to get to London, and I will join the group on the 14th February (which is becoming an even more important day now). After that 2 weeks back to Denmark, to definetely join them the beginning of March.

I pressed play
and am currently, well you know what I am doing. And the smile on my face is huge.

Isn’t that the day of …

Last.fm chart
No I cannot say that it came completely unexpected, this call. It was B.
What was going on, he asked.
And I said, B. !, long time no hear.
And he said, well, you know, Pirates, Vampires, I’ve been busy. But what’s going on ? I just checked your stats, and while I was under the impression that I was on a secure 5th place, I suddenly see I got overhauled by some-other-actor.
And I said, *cough*, uhm, well, *cough*, uhm, I got carried away a bit.
But you know you are number one, always, don’t doubt that.

He mumbled a bit. And asked me if I knew that, although living in London, mr. Spacey wasn’t even an englishman ?
And I said yes, I know that, don’t worry about it, it doesn’t mean anything!

And he said, well all right then.
So – I got you a jobinterview.
And I nearly choked in my tea. Jobinterview I stumbled, what do you mean ? I …
Yes, 14th of February, in North London. Be there.
And I said – oh – I don’t know what to say. Thank …
And he said – don’t mention it.

And I said the 14th of February. Isn’t. That. The. Day. Of. Love. Actually.

But he was already gone.

Jobhunting II

And so my phone rang. And I picked it up and said hello. And he said hello Ingrid. And he had a London accent. And my heart started beating a bit faster. And he had gotten my application and CV. And he said that he had 2 potential jobs. And he asked if he could send my cv on to those companies. And I said yes please do – I never can refuse anything to people talking british anyway – and he said ok then. And that he would get back to me. And I asked him what my chances were for finding a job in London. And he said –


And the girl is extremely relieved, very happy and is doing a very stupid dance in her livingroom as we speak.

Job hunting

I want youIn between chatting with some really nice people yesterday, I also managed to send off about 20 job applications. This sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but it is not as hard as I thought. It’s like job shopping. You add jobs to your shopping cart, and then you can apply for all of them at once, because the job world in the UK is ruled by recruitment agencies, and many applications are send to the same agencies. I learned that yesterday. I haven’t really heard anything yet, but look at it positively as there are really many jobs to apply for. There must be a job out there for me too somewhere. That thought keeps me going right now.

And it’s first now that I am ready to throw myself into jobhunting, I needed to gather some positivity and faith and good spirit, to be able to handle the high amount of rejections I, without a doubt, am going to get. I am ready.

So 20 applications. 18 of them are jobs which are ok, maybe a bit more exiting than my current job, but not where I want to be in the end really. But it will be quite allright to start with. The other 2 jobs I applied for are in the category “You got to be kidding – you are applying for this job – are you mad” ? This being said by the people getting my application. As in – I have no chance whatsoever in getting these jobs. They are not IT jobs.

But one of those two – if I (completely hypothetically speaking, ’cause it is not going to happen) should ever get a job like that (it has a very lousy payment but I don’t care) – I would be the second happiest girl in the Galaxy. The best job ever imagineable would be becoming some particular Brit’s assistent. The other job however, is, compared to that ridiculous idea, more likely, with an ImprobaBILLity factor of only about 99.999%.

Fact is though – that London has job openings like this. I didn’t just pick London out of the blue you know, I have actually thought about it. And you never know, one day I just might be lucky.

47 days. Goodness …

So long and …

And so we split up. We talked about it a lot, and we agreed that it would be best for both of us to go seperate ways. Because he didn’t really feel like going to London with me.
And he didn’t want to stay in Denmark either, where he always felt like an outsider between all those Centurions. He wanted to go back to his roots for a while, and think about what he wanted with his life. So I told him that if that was what he really wanted, that I could live with it. That I would miss him a lot, but that eventually we both would be happier.

I followed him to the car, gave him a kiss on the cheek, wished him a safe trip back to Holland. So long and … he was gone.
Tomorrow I have to walk to work.

No time this time

One of the first things I am going to do when arriving in London is applying for a membership of BFI, the British Film Institute. Because they are showing a lot of interesting films, because you get discount on a lot of film related stuff, because you get invites for all possible film events, because you are able to buy tickets for the London Film festival before all others, and because they often have very interesting Q & A (Questions & Answers) sessions with directors and actors after showing a preview of their film. And I like films. And I like the extra background information you can get about films when listening to what a director, or actor for that matter, has to say.

And because there works a very nice lady who has just used 10 minutes on the phone to help me out. I called her because I saw that they had a screening of Gideon’s Daughter, a BBC film directed by Stephen Poliakoff, this saturday. After the screening there is an on-stage discussion with writer-director Stephen Poliakoff and members of the cast and production team. One of the two main cast members is Bill Nighy. So I called them to check if he was going to attend on saturday, to participate in this on-stage discussion. And she told me that she didn’t really know, because she was not responsible for the guest list of this event. So I told her that I would jump on the plane and come all the way from Denmark to attend this event, if Bill Nighy was going to be there. She was impressed. Either that or she thought I was a complete lunatic. Which I am, obviously.

She told me to hold the line, and she was going to find out. So I waited. After 5 minutes, she came back to me and told me just to hold on a bit more, she was trying to find the guestlist man. After 5 more minutes (my expectations were skyhigh now) she told me that she was very sorry but unfortunately – Bill wasn’t going to attend this time. Pfew, close encounter. I thanked her a lot for her help.

Better luck next time.

If I could, I’d slow the whole world down
I’d bring it to it’s knees
I’d stop it spinning round
But as it is, I’m climbing up an endless wall

No time at all
No time this time

(Guess a song – I need to find that record tonight)

Right on !

Goodness ! I just got a mail from London – (yes from the job application). Now I still don’t count on getting that particular job at all (and to be honest it is not a dreamjob – but hey it’s a job right) – but the fact that they came back to me, asking me to send a bit more information – I take that as a good sign. At least my CV is not as hopeless as I maybe thought it was.

So her sits one happy girl – with a very big smile on her face – singing along with Billy Mack (and that is a pure coincidence), and trying to keep down the urge of doing a stupid dance right here in my office.



Let’s stop loving the stars for a while and write a boring piece about how things are going, with the London project. Well my flat is online now on the real estate homepage. And I actually was considering a little quiz about how many Bill Nighy references you could find on the pictures taken from my flat. But I decided not to. For one because I want to retain that last little amount of respect you still might have for me. But more importantly – this real estate system is tracking the number of visitors looking at my flat, and those statistics would be a bit worthless if people would go click around looking for Bill.

Tuesday will be a very important day. People who seem to be very interested in my flat will come and have a look at it. They are the first people actually coming over and see it. On the internet a lot of people have been looking at my flat, but not much more has happened apart from that. So I am exited, and cross my fingers. I don’t expect the first people looking at it buying it, but if they do I’ll have a big party, and you all are invited.

I also sent a first job application to London a few days ago, I haven’t heard anything yet, so I guess they weren’t interested. At least I have my CV in place now, so now it’s just a matter of writing a lot of applications, and hoping that I one day will be lucky.

At my work the news of my resignation and London move finally has been send out (it still was a secret for anyone except my bosses, and the people I had told anyway …) to everybody. And I have to say that it was nice to be considered cool and funky for a change by my colleagues, in stead of the usual “crazy nerdish dutch girl who loves tv-2 too much”. Life is good.

And I said

I wished him a happy new year, my boss. And told him that one of my new years resolutions was, unfortunately (not for me, but I didn’t say that), to quit my job. And so I did.
And he said, wow, and that it was unexpected. But that he could understand me.

So where was I going to work then, where was my new job going to be, he asked.
I have no idea, I told him, I only know that it’s not going to be in Aarhus, and not in Denmark either. That I was selling my flat and that I would move to another city in another country.

And he asked – where are you going ?

And I said : hey babe, I take a walk on the wildside …

Dear diary

Dear Diary

It’s weird, having a complete blank (paper) diary in front of me. Symbolic too. The old one has followed me through last year (it has even been in London with me, laying beside me when taking THE decision), like a true and faithful friend. Always willing to listen, and never judging. That’s how a friend should be. And how strange to suddenly leave it in a drawer, because there isn’t space for more words. The new one has another colour which I have to get used to a bit, but the same friendly face on the cover. How to start on this blank page eagerly waiting to be written on.

But suddenly I knew:

And so I made a major decision.
I had to make sure that next year…
I wouldn’t end up shit-faced and listening to sad FM…
easy-listening for the over-thirties.
I decided to take control of my life…
and start a diary…
to tell the truth about me…
the whole truth.
Resolution number one– ohh–
obviously will lose twenty pounds.
Number two…
always put last night’s panties in the laundrybasket.
Equally important…
will find nice sensible boyfriend to go out with…
and not continue to form romantic attachments…
to any of the following…
alcoholics, workaholics, commitment-phobics…
peeping toms,megalomaniacs…
emotional fuckwits, or perverts.
And especially will not fantasize…
about a particular person who embodies all these things…

I couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks B. . 2006 – has now officially started. I should be asleep at this hour, but I am so very awake. About 7 hours from now I’m handing in my resignation.