Bond in 60 seconds

Bond in 60 Seconds

Bond in 60 Seconds is a 60 seconds version of a James Bond film. It contains every bit a Bond film should contain: a handsome James Bond, Moneypenny, Q, a Bond car and of course the Bond villain.

This Bond film has been shot on a very high budget on different locations around the world.

Or maybe not. Maybe this short has been made by two girls who thought that it would be more fun to make a one minute short in stead of buying Christmas presents. And maybe most of this short has been shot in the livingroom of one of the girls in London, on a zero budget.

It has been huge fun making this short, and apart from that it has been a huge learning experience too. The end result is, ehrm, fast paced.

Bond in 60 Seconds was submitted to the Empire’s “Remake your favourite movie in a 60 seconds version” competition.

Take your coke and popcorn, lean back and relax. And remember: don’t blink, you might miss something.

I co wrote the script and have been highly involved in both the directing and editing of it.