Yo ho, yo ho

I have nothing much to say just yet. But the week has passed, and that means that he’s back.

I feel like a little girl around Christmas time, overly exited and not grown-up at all. I don’t care what the critics say, I know there will be scenes where I will be glued to the screen indulging every word he says in that voiciliciously Scottish accent.

The question is:

Arrrrrrrre you prepared for what’s next?

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The Drowsy Chaperone – Novello theatre London – review

It might start to sound a bit pathetic now, my “I don’t like musicals” attitude and maybe I should alter it a little bit and say “I don’t like standard 13 in a dozen like musicals”.
I found an email in my inbox last week from a PR man connected to this musical and he made me an offer:
I give you 2 tickets for The Drowsy Chaperone – you write about it on your blog.

Didn’t take me long to decide.
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Landscape with Weapon, National Theatre, London – review

First of all – I am incredibly pissed off about the fact that Bill Nighy isn’t even nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in The Vertical Hour. Extremely pissed off. I have no words for it really, if that wasn’t award worthy acting then I don’t understand a thing. Kevin Spacey (Moon for the misbegotten) wasn’t nominated either.

But despite all that misery, I had a ticket for a play tonight.

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Short holiday notice

The pirate and me are off to the Netherlands for a couple of days, for family visits and some relaxing days. Believe it or not we desperately need it after a crazy couple of weeks.
We will be back in London on Monday, back here on Tuesday, the 8th of May.
Which is the day where we will reveal “the Thing”.

Here is what Bill has to say about “The Thing” in New York:

“I like the fact that that you’re allowed to say “Can I have the thing without the thing but with more thing and with extra thing on the side.” If you said that in England, they’d have you removed from the premises. In England, the thing is the thing and if you want the thing, you get the thing. And if you want the other thing, you have to pay for that too. You can’t have the thing re-arranged.”

He is coconuts as well.

Have a nice (long – if you live in the UK) weekend.

And – wouldn’t it be cool if the streets would be as coloured as this in real life? Not every day, but let’s say every Friday?

I seduce you with my eyebrow

I seduce you with my eyebrowOh God not him again, I hear you think. Well as I recently have been hanging out on websites realizing that I am not the only one having issues I might as well just openly come out with it. As I felt the need to throw some Bill in between all those Alan’s I hacked together this funky avatar. The picture makes me laugh. A lot. And I like to be pathetically not-grown-up sometimes. It keeps you young.

Apart from that, this post is supposed to be about The Girl on tour too, so he is not completely out of context here. And it’s also about joining a writers group. And about how M&S toffee mousse tastes.

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And for a minute there, I lost myself

Surreal but nice

New York, 12 March 2007

She had a couple of hours left before heading to boring JFK airport. She walked around with her soul under her arms as they say. She had a few dollars left as well and when she walked passed it, accidentally, unplanned, she thought that she might as well end this holiday with something slightly awkward. Because she had questions she so desperately wanted answers to. She opened the door and stepped inside.
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Bored is boring

The red door, Notting Hill
The red door, Notting Hill

You are seriously bored when:

  • None of the 421 songs on your iPod seems worth listening to.
  • You start reading the mails in your spam filter.
  • You check your watch too often. And because you can’t believe that only this few minutes have passed since you last checked it, you check the clock on your mobile phone as well. Only few minutes had passed indeed.
  • You keep making cups of tea, even though you are not really thirsty.
  • You keep eating sweets, even though they are nearly coming out of your nose.
  • You make lists of things you do when you are seriously bored.

Things that at those moments save the day:

  • Eatable Bill “Davy Jones” Nighy’s in the Marks & Spencer. They are back!
  • A ticket to the day before the official premiere of Pirates in the Odeon, 24 days from now.

The truth is, I want to tell you something, but I can’t just yet.

Waiting waiting waiting

Waiting waiting waiting

Update : 7.20 pm

The wait is over, it’s a boy. And a girl. Several boys and girls actually.

Let’s say that the concept of a simple twist of fate is going to change a fair part of my life. More about that somewhere next week because some things need to be taken care of before I can shout about it.

But trust me, Billy Mack is on repeat here. On a soon-to-be-deaf volume. And I definitely feel it in my fingers.

It’s like wow.