Bill Nighy – it’s like wow – 5 quotes from the master

In the Tesco my eye falls on a headline on a women’s magazine I would normally really never buy. It’s a glossy, and I hate glossies. I couldn’t care less about fashion, shopping, beauty, what size of clothes you are supposed to wear and how to paint your nails pomegranate red.

But this glossy had a headline on it that made me grab it.
“Bill Nighy – boy does he rock”

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Tea on Trafalgar Square

Tea on Trafalgar Square
Tea on Trafalgar Square
I feel like someone pressed the ImprobaBILLity drive. Three times in a row or something. Which of course hasn’t been the case. S(larti) is first coming over tomorrow, but that’s a complete different story.

“Button your shirt” Davy says, being remarkably fresh after the night sitting with Nelson, watching it all from above.
Lucky devil.
“What shirt, buttons where?” I stumble.
“The shirt you’ve got on”
“I don’t know how to, I am too tired”
“Yes you do, come on”
I managed. Lacing my shoes took another 20 minutes.
And when I stepped out of the door the world looked a bit, ehrm blurry.
“Sure you haven’t forgotten something?” I hear Davy shout from inside.
“No. But it surely looks blurry outside. Weird!”
“Maybe putting your glasses on might do the trick”
“Oh. Yeah”

I am so tired – hence a chaotic post.

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It is no place for coconutophobes…

Nelson on Trafalgar Square
Nelson on Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square seems to be the place in London for extraordinary stunts and ideas. On Tuesday there is the 75.000 cups of tea event. But it looks like I am going to be there the day before as well!

On Monday, the 23rd of April:

Coconut Orchestra world record attempt: Monty Python’s Spamalot, the London stage production inspired by’ Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, will lead on an attempt to break the world record for number of people playing in a coconut orchestra, currently held by New York with 1785 people. Registration from 5pm onwards. Coconut Orchestra rehearsal at 6.30pm. World record attempt at 7pm. Be there to guarantee your place in history. Coconuts will be provided!

Count me in!

After the coconutophobic experience there is a free screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Trafalgar Square(15) (7.30pm – 9pm).

All this is a part of the St. George’s Day celebration in London.

Tea for, ehrm, 75.000?

A Cup Of Tea In The Cafe
A Cup Of Tea In The Cafe

Picture of the teacups here.

In the category “Why don’t I think before I do”: I have signed up to be a volunteer for a documentary.

Throughout our lives, we will meet hundreds of people, eat tonnes of food, spend money on a vast array of material goods, and create mountains of waste. But have you ever thought about what this all amounts to for one individual and what their human footprint is on the planet? This unique film reveals all in a series of remarkable stunts.

When I read that they were going to fill Trafalgar Square with 75.000 cups of tea, impulsively, you know, without thinking about how many cups of tea that actually is, I signed up to be a volunteer.

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Davy’s, London

“I have been thinking and I know what I want now” he said.
“Excellent” I said “what is it?”
“I want to open my own restaurant”
“What an absolute brilliant idea that is” I said.
“You think so?”
“Yes. You’re not moving out are you?”
“No. So you’re fine with it then?”
“Yes. Absolutely. One thing thing though …”
“Be sure to put “Chocolate Mousse” on the menu. I love that”.

Two more things:
I think Bill said no
And this is one of the most beautiful love poems I have seen in a while. Because I say “No” too. All the time.

You can be anything you want

I wanna be a Rock Star
I wanna be a Rock Star – a cafe in Notting Hill

If you 2 years ago would have said that I would live in London today I would have said you were crazy.
But there you go, it happened.

If you one and a half year ago would have said that I would go to a Bob Dylan concert I would have said you were crazy.
But there you go, I am going this evening.
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Theatre, Film, Davy and Doors

A door in Notting Hill

I saw Attempts on her life in the National Theatre last Thursday. After about 10 seconds in the play I realized I had seen this play before and I didn’t like it that time. I saw it in Aarhus performed by freshly graduated theatre actors. It wasn’t their fault I just have problems with modern theatre, it’s not my cup of Yorkshire tea.

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I actually dreamt about you a few nights ago

The Girl In The Cafe

I received a couple of good e-mails the last few days which is something that always makes me happy. Most of them were related to the Girl on tour which is an ongoing logistic planning project, but if I could do it full time I would quit my job right here right now to do it.

There is a very well written review in here, so go on, jump in.

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Trans Mongolian

A little more from my Trans Mongolian train trip:

After an evening at the Russian Border (passport control took 4 hours!) and the Mongolian border (passport control took 1.5 hours) we entered Mongolia. While enjoying a good night sleep, after yesterdays , we were brutally woken up at 7.30 am in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia’s capital. While having lived in luxury the last 5 days (2 persons sharing a 4 persons compartment) 2 new passengers moved in. We had to quickly take our things from the other beds and rearrange our stuff. A harsh wake up but we could have been 4 from the beginning so we were grateful for our first 5 days.
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