Eye’m in the red for you

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been – how far
It doesn’t matter how run down you are
Or if there’s nothing perfect left in your heart
No, it all means nothing, it all means nothing, it all means nothing at all, at all

I’m on the edge for you
Losing my head for you
I’m in the red for you
Tonigh, tonight
Until my hopes fall through
There’s nothing else I can do
I’m in the red for you
Tonight, tonight
I’m on a rescue
(Tina Dickow)

I’ll return soon with stuff that makes a little bit more sense, my head is a bit busy with my film script, travel planning and things my head should not be busy with, at all. In the meantime, London knows exactly how I feel, and I might have taken one of my best London pictures yesterday. Beautifully dramatic. The Eye was in the Red for this, and I am in the Red for you. I’m on a rescue.

Here is the whole picture. A few more New York pictures are in the pipeline, before I get back to London for a short while.

Bill Nighy, the Opie way

Bill the opie way is currently residing other places…

And that was all she could come up with after a weekend in silence.
Will it ever stop? Nope. Get used to it.
It took me a couple of hours to work on, but I really like this one. What amazes me about this type of “art” is that it is very minimal (2 circles for the eyes and the nose), but the person is still very recognizable.

Sometimes it is nice just to work on something without having to think about all the questions floating around in ones head.

More Julian Opie (the real one) here. He also made the cover for Blur’s Best of album. I quite like his art. He is a British artist and lives in London.

Staring at the blank page before me


I don’t know what it is, but if my horoscope today (Friday that is – wait a minute – since when did I start believing those things – well since they started writing thing like these) writes a fine mist has settled over your brain and your thoughts are not clear than that is exactly what is wrong with me, and I am wondering who the hack told them.

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But did you know, That when it snows

Snow in London
View from my morning train …

What a pleasant surprise when I walked out of the door this morning. While I was expecting palm trees to be popping out of the ground soon, London is a bit white in stead. And it’s amazing to watch the differences between a city like Aarhus in Denmark, where they are covering the streets in salt as soon as there is a 0.00042 % chance of snow. And London, that didn’t seem to be prepared for snow at all. Result : the world looks bright. Train traffic is a mess. Buses connecting the train station to my office in Croydon did not run because there was a little bit of snow on the roads. (Do they have snow machines at all in this city?) And half of my colleagues stuck because public transport is a mess all around.

I don’t mind, I love snow. Again I managed to get around the worst of problems, I had a nice walk from the station to the office, I am inside with a cup of tea, the milky way, and I hope lots more snow will fall these days.

My eyes become large and,
The light that you shine can be seen

Venus – a review (9.5/10)

Peter O’Toole, the man is 75, and for me this is the man deserving the Oscar for best Actor this year. It’s really delightful that “older” (what is “older” anyway) actors are doing so well at the moment. Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Hellen Mirren, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie all are in the picture, and now there is Peter O’Toole in Venus.
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Babel – review (10/10)

Babel (official site) Highly anticipated, surrounded with much Oscar buzz, just collected a Golden Globe for best Film and very much hyped. Most of the times that ends in disappointed when you finally get to see it in the cinema. But not this time.

This is film making from the heart, and if this film doesn’t touch you it’s time to have your heart checked.

Yes Brat Pitt is in it, and so is Cate Blanchett. She seems to be in everything at the moment and seems to get away with kissing both Bill Nighy (Notes on a Scandal), Brat Pitt (Babel) and George Clooney (The Good German) in the same year. Lucky girl. She was asked who the best kisser was in an interview, and the answer was, oh, lets not go there …
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Eternal ramblings from a messed up mind III

The Girl In The Cafe - DVD

10 people died because of the storm here in the UK yesterday. The train traffic was disrupted in London because of it, but I somehow managed to move around it all. One of the men who died, died in Shropshire. Which made me think about Oliver Lucas in The Vertical Hour again, as he lived in Shropshire as well. A minor spot on the map, and if it hadn’t been for that play I would never ever have known about Shropshire at all. Now I do, I even looked it up on the map when I got home. And suddenly it is weird to hear that someone died of the storm there.

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Tea Challenge

If you thought Tea wasn’t a big thing here in the UK, think again. If you thought that deciding who should make the next cup isn’t a big thing here at work, think again too. Knowing that asking it the normal (verbal) way only results in an even longer wait for a cup, one of my colleagues began sending us encrypted messages in stead. This normally results in a few minutes puzzling, after which one of us normally ends up making the tea. Very clever idea.

Make some tea!

Here is his latest puzzle. The question is – what does it say exactly? ( I admit that I find them rather difficult)

His name is Michael by the way – as everybody should at least have a chance of claiming his 15 minutes of fame, even when it’s not through a TV interview with Tom Cruise.