Did I really write that? Yes I did


In my mailbox:

Subject : Television Interview Enquiry

Hello there. My name is XXX and I am contacting you on behalf of XXX Productions: the largest independent television company outside London. I am interested in speaking to you with regards to a documentary we are making about Tom Cruise. We’d like to discuss your account of his actions at the MI3 premiere – apparently he spent 4 hours with fans. I also found your 4 points about Tom Cruise rather funny. Are you a Tom Cruise fan at all? Please email me at XXX and send a photo of yourself. Many
thanks, XXX

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A man and his globe

Ooooh, indeed.

Today I really don’t care.

If I would write that you could not hear a big roar and Woohoo when I heard the news on BBC radio this morning while still laying in bed, I would be lying. A very big woohoo indeed, and an apology to both my neighbours and my flatmate.

A Golden Globe to a man who so deserves recognition for his extraordinary acting qualities, a great actor and a great man.

A very joyful day, the time is Nighy.

See Bill’s after globe interview here (trust me, it’s worth it).

And while we are at it, see this incredible cool feature from the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean, and watch how they turned a handsome actor into a handsome pirate.

It’s a beautiful day, and I hope the audience in The Music Box gives him an even bigger applause today, so they clap their hands for him from me too.

The Last King of Scotland – review (10/10)

The Last King of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland (IMDB), is based on the novel by Giles Foden. It tells the story about young Scottish doctor Nicolas Garrigan (James McAvoy), who through a bizarre twist of fate becomes the personal doctor of dictator Idi Amin (a very scary Forest Whitaker) in Uganda.

The film follows Garrigans work as Amin’s doctor, and as enchanting as Amin seems to be in the beginning, Garrigan soon learns the truth about him. The film is gripping from the very first moment Garrigan lands in Africa. It is shocking, scary as hell, and there are some scenes where I simply had to look away. Both Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy deliver Oscar worthy performances, it is fantastic film. I couldn’t stand up from my chair until the very last credits were rolled off the screen. And it is probably the best film I have seen, that I will certainly never want to see again.

Miss Potter on the other hand was slow, boring, and Renee Zellweger’s British accent was annoying the hell out of me. (5/10) The only highlight here was Ewan McGregor, but he couldn’t save the film from drowning in one of those beautiful lakes in the Lake District. Do not waste your time on it.

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes

New York State of my mind

This is what New York looks like in my mind. Very colourful, like a soap bubble I have to protect from bursting.
It’s also what I (or about 12 of me) look like in New York if you look carefully, I’m standing somewhere on 23rd Street, where this picture originally was taken.
Funny enough, the center of this picture (unintentionally but cool) looks like a kiss, so here’s to you New York.

Sometimes an image says more than a 1000 words, this one does for me. And I wouldn’t be able to write 1000 words about New York without the B. word anyway, so here you go.
You have to do with this.

Picture yourself in a boat on a river,
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Film, Film and B.., ehrm film

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 8 out 10
Directed by Tom Tywker, whose Run, Lola, Run is still high on my favourite movies of all times list. It must have been a challenge to bring a film about scent to the screen, much can be done in film, but generating smell in a cinema is not yet one of them. But he did succeed in that very well if you ask me. The story is original, the idea of having a man who has never experienced love in his life creating a perfume that makes people want to make love nearly instantly is interesting. But, the ending was too much for me, and I don’t mean the massive scene with lots of action going on, but generally the end of the story. It made it just a tad too unbelievable. Fine performances from Ben Wishaw and Alan Rickman.

The Painted Veil (2006) 5 out 10
OK, I was in New York, it was my last day, it was raining, I didn’t have an umbrella, I had already checked out of my hotel and I had to wait hours and hours for my plane, so cinema it was. I first saw Notes on a Scandal for the second time. And I admit it, it wasn’t nice, but I sneaked into the next film after that without paying another ticket. And of course It wasn’t great. It has Edward Norton in it, but boy was this a depressing and long drawn film, that fitted my mood on that day perfectly.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) 6 out of 10
Lot of Oscar buzz going on about this one, but I wasn’t impressed. The major problem for me was that I didn’t really like Will Smith’s character in this one. A supposed to be feelgood film that didn’t make me feel good so to speak. The little boy in this film is played by his son by the way.

The Good Shepherd (2006) 6 out of 10
With Matt Damon, directed by Robert the Niro, a story about the early days of the CIA and how people sacrificed their live and love for it. It didn’t make my heart beat any faster though. Long, and boring.

Notes on a Scandal (2006) 9 out of 10
What a cast, and what performances. Lovely to see Bill Nighy in a more dramatic and serious role, and Judi Dench is seriously in the race for an Oscar for this one if you ask me. Deliciously controversial and dark.

Blood Diamond (2006) 9 out of 10
Not too sure if Leonardo should have an Oscar for this, as there are probably better performances to choose from. But despite a lot of violence and blood, this is one hell of a film, I have no problems recommending.

The Holiday (2006) 7 out of 10
Casting Jack Black in a romantic comedy deserves some credit, and he does well. This is not on level with Notting Hill or Love Actually, but probably the closest you get to a christmas rom-com this year. Where is Richard Curtis when you need him?

If there is one film I can’t wait to see it’s Venus with Peter O’Toole. Directed by Roger Michell who directed Notting Hill (a classic), The Mother (interesting with Daniel Craig) and Enduring Love (also with Daniel Craig, and Bill Nighy). It’s scheduled for the end of January.

The Vertical Hour – a review, and a simple twist of fate

The Vertical Hour - Bill Nighy

After nearly 2 weeks, digesting both the trip and the play (I still haven’t really landed in London yet, it’s a weird feeling), it’s time for a personal review of The Vertical Hour. I warn you up front, it has become a long post, that’s what happens when my heart takes over from my head. If you haven’t seen the play you might not be interested in reading it at all. If you still have to see they play (lucky you) you might want to wait reading it until you have seen it, although I promise not to tell you how it’s ending. I felt the need to write it down, so here you go. And there is a beautiful song to hear in this post, I promise you that.
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You’re gonna find yourself, somewhere, somehow

Girl put your records on

“What did he write in your book?”
“Not going to tell you.”
“Something nice, it makes you smile I can see it.”
“Not too many people who can do that, I can assure you.”
“Can I?”
“You might, possibly.”
“Are you in a bad mood?”
“Well, my voice sounds like I have been hanging out in a smokey bar all night, which I haven’t and I have a headache, so…”
“Your voice sounds sexy.”
“Thank you.”
“The headache, I …”
“Just …don’t go there.”
“OK, put on your headphones then and press play.”

Too late …

“Good eh? You’re gonna find yourself, somewhere, somehow.”
“That – would be the day.”

The Girl in the Cafe on tour

The Girl in the Cafe14 different countries, and Hawaii are on the current list of locations for The Girl in the Cafe on tour project. The Girl has just packed her bag and is currently on her way to Charlotte’s web (Germany) and Man over board (New Zealand).

There are 2 new reviews up from soyouthinkican(USA) and zichtbarezaken (NL), both in English, both long and interesting reads. A big thank you to both for participating!

If you happen to like Bill Nighy, don’t miss this 25 minute video interview with him about The Vertical Hour, acting and being mellow.

If you have 2 hours, a stamp and a little bit of patience, join in, it’s free!

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world
but it’s a start.

Happy New Year from Nighy York

The Vertical Hour
The city here is crazy at the moment, 42nd Street / Times Square (I had to go back there after the play to get the subway), it is the street with the coolest name, that’s for sure, is at this moment also the most busiest street in New York. Already nearly completely closed down for trafiic for this evenings New Year’s celebrations, I have never seen this much police on the streets in my life. The NY policemen are very nice though, nice and helpful. I understand now why they couldn’t have an evening performance in the Music Box, we would never ever have gotten out of the theatre. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the street, and they were already there when I went to the theatre at 13.30. It is cold outside in New York, so it has been a long wait for them. I hope they enjoy their evening, I think I prefer to watch it on tv in stead.

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In a New York minute, everything will change

I know it’s pathetic to write “not sure I will be writing before the end of the year bla bla bla” just to show up the next day again. I found a cheap internetcafe at last and I mostly had to check if I hadn’t written anything completely ridiculous yesterday, as I was quite a bit out of my mind, and flying very, very high. I still am, but I like to think that my head is a little bit more clearly now. Every 5 minutes I need to check if I haven’t dreamt it all though. Not pathetic at all, I know.
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