Oh Daniel

Daniel Craig
Mr. Blue Eyes

The first time I saw the new Bond was in Oxted cinema. Oxted is far, it’s even beyond the M25, which, for Londoners, nearly categorizes it as being on the country side.

The idea was nice, seeing Bond in a small independent cinema away from the West End, and it was cheap too. And the cinema was cosy, but absolutely not geared to show a film like this. Crappy sound (we had a hard time hearing what they were saying), and chairs making the noise of doors in a haunting house. Very. Annoying.

All that, and the fact that this is one of those films you simply have to see in the Odeon (mega screen and brilliant sound, but so overpriced) on Leicester Square, made me go again. Today.
Daniel’s blue eyes looked even more blue, and his b…

Bzzz. Just a sec, telephone.

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28 things you couldn’t care less about

I need to deliver a one page treatment (this time for real, there is no more postponing now) on Monday, which means that my brain is trying to make sense of the gazillion of loose story ends that are orbiting inside in my head. And things not making it better – the tutor’s remark that people not writing in their own language (foreigners = me) could have a hard time. Too many spelling errors in the script = not passing. That worries me a bit. I might have to look for some friendly creative and imaginative native English people out there who would like to be my human spell checker. And the fact that I don’t really have a crystal clear story is slightly worrying too.

So that’s why it was very tempting to fall back on a meme. You know, the ones I normally don’ t do. But sometimes I am weak.

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The guy with the funky last name

Lee MackLee Mack

A short landing around Tottenham Court Rd yesterday, before we took off again.

“I know where to go.” S. said.
“Oh Comedy. That is where you are supposed to laugh isn’t it. Don’t like it” that was the state I was in.
“He’s funny trust me.”
“I’m not really crazy about standuppers.”
“His last name is Mack.”
“Ha Ha. Very funny. And his first name is Billy right?” I said.
“Truly it is. Lee. Mack. Oh come on, come with me”
I did. To Drill Hall. Ha ha for a funny name for a place.
But it was here the BBC was recording the Radio 2 Lee Mack Show.
And 2 hours with Mack turned out to be exactly what I needed. Of course S. knows what I need.
2 hours so much laughter that the tears rolled down my face.
Hilarious jokes coming in such a high speed that it was hard to keep up.
And Mel C. performed 2 numbers live, after having been harassed about her Spice Girl career by Lee.
What a talent and what a crazy guy.

If you happen to live in London, you can visit the Lee Mack show for free, read more over here at the BBC.

Highly recommended, it blasts all your upcoming winter depressions to pieces.

From another galaxy

Empty in head and Lost. Mostly Lost.

I texted S.
“Please come and pick me up”.
Half an hour later I heard him making a reasonably silent landing in my back yard. He didn’t even stumble over the bin this time.
“Where do you want to go my child?”
“Just off, away from here, into space” I said.

So, I’ll be back when I’m back.

With a specially designed and very limited edition The Girl xmas double postcard (like in paper postcards, you know, the ones you have to put in an envelope and put stamps on) offer you can’t refuse, for one. And anything else I might find on my way.

The Girl in The Cafe – travelling

The Girl In The Cafe What can I say, Bart doesn’t like Bill Nighy. Ouch.
I am not entirely sure that he likes the film either, but read his review yourself.

In the mean time, one Girl is trying to catch some sunlight in Spain before flying to Holland, and the other one is in the States and will stay there for a while. Here is a list of people participating and if you want to be added to this list : read more here and join in.
There are 3 simple rules : Watch the film, Write a review on your weblog, Send the DVD to the next person. Easy does it.
Everyone is welcome.

Love can?t change
what?s wrong in the world.
But it?s a start.


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In the bus

City of London Police
He is a huge man, filling nearly two seats in the bus. Bold head, and in both his ears a golden earring. He reminds me of Whitey. I assume he is Irish seeing as how his mobile phone chain has Ireland written all over it. On the big fingers of his hands I count, and recount in amazement : 15 golden rings.
He picks up his mobile phone and starts dialing.

He is a man of little words:
“Make sure there is a beer on the table for me”

is the only thing he says.

Scenes of a sexual nature – review (9/10)

Scenes of a Sexual Nature

The last review for now, I promise. But this film deserves all the support it can get.

Scenes of a sexual nature (checkout the trailer) (IMDB)

Sex and love. Some seek it, some need it, some spurn it and some pay for it, but we’re all involved in it.

I guess you could consider this Love Actually for grown ups, or Life Actually maybe. Here you have 7 stories about relationships, 7 conversations between 7 x 2 people who in some way have a relation with each other. And all that filmed on a sunny day on Hampstead Heath, which is, as you all know, a perfect place to indulge some chocolate to enjoy a view over beautiful London and to speculate about life a bit.

Apart from the chocolate, that’s exactly what those people do. You get a peek into 7 different types of relationships. 7 short stories bundled together in one feature film. Nothing much really happens in the film, but it is strangely intrigueing and addicting to watch and I could have watched hours and hours more. Thanks to a great script with a lot of wit, and of course an army of talented British actors, this is a film absolutely worth seeing.

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Breaking and Entering – review (10/10)

Julliette Binoche and new talent Rafi Gavron in Breaking and Entering

OK: UK 1 – Denmark 1

Here is film number 3 entering the list of films with top ratings, one you simply have to see:

Breaking and Entering

That was the short version.
If you want the longer version, including reading how it was to attend a Q&A with Anthony Minghella, director of this film and of films like Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr. Ripley and the fantastic The English Patient, how incredibly inspiring it was for me to hear him talk about his work, and why I loved this film so much – well you know the drill. Clicketyclick.

Oh just one funny coincidence, both After the Wedding (Denmark) and Breaking and Entering (UK) have Sigur Ros on their soundtrack. Both beautiful songs, and both suiting so well into the atmosphere of both films. Of course you all know that the magical song in The Girl In The Cafe is by Sigur Ros too. If not – go and do your homework. Tssk.

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Who needs men

Well I am afraid we do. Obviously. One of the assignments for the screen writing course was to come up with a character description of a character you would like to use in your story.

Now out of a class of 14 people :

  • 14 people chose a male as their main character!
    (We are about 6 girls and 8 guys in class)
  • More than half of those 14 chose to have the family of this man either out of the country or no longer in contact with the person.
    (because we want to avoid describing all those family relations)
  • And here is the most odd one: More than half of the people decided that their character didn’t have any sex drive. No romance, no problems with broken hearts, no mess, and no love actually. And if you ask me : no life actually either. I wasn’t in that half.

I am guilty as charged for picking a man as my main character too, but hey I am a girl, and I happen to have a certain interest for a certain type of men. I might publish the story here, as soon as the battle between the three story ideas is settled. Or not, if it is really bad.

I also accidentally stumbled over him again, they even named a street after him. He seems to be haunting me. Or maybe I am just unconsciously looking for him.

The best title for a book I have spotted recently:
Love and other near death experiences.

And if you like halloween: find them. All 50.

LFF : After the wedding – review (10/10)

Efter brylluppet (2006)

Cast Mads Mikkelsen, Rolf Lassg?rd, Sidse Babett Knudsen
Director Susanne Bier

I have to admit – the best films still get made in Denmark. And I felt awkward to watch a Danish film in a London cinema. There was a short moment of longing back, to the Danish cinemas and Danish film, but it faded.

We are in the middle of the London Film Festival here, it’s heaven, about 2 weeks with everything a film fanatic could wish for. Danish films for example.

Efter brylluppet tells the story about a (Danish) manager of an orphanage in India who is sent to Copenhagen, where he discovers a life-altering family secret.

This is a very intense and heart breaking film. It explores human nature and moral, and there is a lot to cry and think about, but the ending is hopeful and beautiful and you leave the cinema with a good feeling, knowing you have just seen a brilliant film, with fantastic acting.

Catch it if you can : 10/10. Together with Snow Cake, the best film I have seen this year. Release date for the UK is the 9th of March 2007, for the Netherlands it’s 16th of November.

I fell for Rolf Lassg?rd in Under Solen a beautiful Swedish film which I highly recommend. And Mads Mikkelsen will soon make his big international breakthrough in Casino Royale, the new James Bond film where he plays the villain opposite Daniel Craig. Another reason for me to look forward to the new Bond film.