No romance

The cookie, which fitted well in the Love is Actually all around series made the day already brighter, yesterday.

And then I got (t)his mail. Another response to my “who wants to drink a cup of coffee – but no romance” ad. And I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea. But that made the title a bit long, so I left it out. And “no romance” because I am not in the mood to make things complicated. Life is fine as it is right now, more than fine actually, it’s close to perfect, and me and Davy are getting along more than well. So, why bother. But this mail.
I am 42.
Blimey, the magic number.
I am Scottish.
Like David Tennant Scottish? Have you heard him talk? I melt when I hear him talk.
And since I’m coming directly after work, unfortunately, I am wearing a suit.
Unfortunately? A suit? Wait a minute. Who set this up? When I say “no romance” don’t send me a-Scot-in-a-suit!

Davy, a proud Scot himself, has, of course, his doubts about all this.
“I better come with you” he said.
“No, no, no need to” I said “You know, one : “no romance” believe me, and two : you have organ class that evening”.
I think I heard a quiet “Ahrr”.

Filmmaking day 5: Producing and Pitching

(For the quizzers : What film is this from?)

What do you want to do after this course – is a question that pops up regularly at the networking evenings in the Actors Centre in Covent Garden.
I still don’t really know the answer to this question to be honest. And the last time someone asked me what my “genre” was. Do I have a genre?

The genre question returned yesterday. It was the Producing & Pitching day.
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Movie roundup

Wah Wah (8.5/10)
Brit packed drama by Richard E. Grant which you should see for the cast alone : Gabriel Byrne (he is Irish), Miranda Richardson, Julie Waters and Nicolas Hoult. They are all truly great. Shot in Africa.

You might not know Nicolas Hoult by name, but he was the boy playing opposite Hugh Grant in About a Boy. He is 16 now, about twice as high, but he still has one of the most beautiful faces in cinema if you ask me. And he is turning into a great actor.

Atomized / Elementarteilchen (8/10)
German film with both Moritz Bleibtrue and Franka Potente (she is a favourite), you might know them from Lola Rennt (which is a favourite too). Interesting story about life, death and Love, or maybe the lack of it. Actually.

Hard Candy (8/10)
Incredible acting. And scenes so shocking because they don’t show you, they let you imagine what’s going on, and that is way scarier than showing. It is a very controversial film, men might have trouble watching it, I only looked away a few times, but overall I was impressed. Not for the faint hearted though.

The Lake House (7/10)
If films like this end up here it is because : I am feeling bad and just want to be entertained with a film where I don’t have to use my head or – I have seen all other films currently running and need my cinema fix. I don’t remember what was the case with this one, but I ended up seeing it. How bad was it? Well the story is crap of course, when I see Keanu Reeves I can only concentrate on his particular way of walking, but there was a nice dog in it, and it has a happy ending, so I got what I expected – entertained.

London : Treat Level CRITICAL

I heard some worrying words in my radio this morning, but I was still half in zombie mode to really get what they were talking about.

I just checked the BBC site.

MI5 has upgraded the threat level to Critical (which is the highest possible)
The current threat level is assessed as CRITICAL (as of 10th August 2006).
This means that an attack is expected imminently and indicates an extremely high level of threat to the UK.

‘Airlines terror plot’ disrupted
Heathrow is shut for incoming flights
Passenger flying from the UK may only take a plastic bag with hand luggage, with very little in it.

I have never really thought about the “dangers” of living in London. I still try not to, and I will not change my way of life because of it, but when I read all this, you wonder what kind of world it is we are living in. Am I worried? I don’t really know yet.

I go for the royal treatment

Prince Charles Cinema London
You want to go to the cinema. I have 2 offers for you.

Option 1
Buy a ticket on Leicester Square and see a film in one of the big cinemas over there. Don’t expect the seats to be great though. And expect people to be noisy too.
Total Price ?11.50-?12.50.
(Optional : Regular Coke : ?2.40)

Option 2
Buy a ticket in the Prince Charles for ?3 (50 meters from Leicester Square). Expect the seats to be fantastic. Expect the screen to show “Do not talk under the film” just before the film. Expect people to say “Shut up” if you do dare to talk under the film. I love that.

Buy some pink shrimps in the candy shop (I love them) for ?1.60.
Go to The Cafe, and order tomato soup, some bread and a Coke for ?3.50.

And after that enter the Prince Charles in a good mood, ready for the film.

Total Price ?8.10.

(Optional : Regular Coke in the PCC :?1.40)

So guess what I picked.

I am a regular now in the Cafe. And we are passed the chit-chat stadium. Now it’s
“What are you doing tonight – cinema again?”
“Which film?”
“Atomised, a German film in the Prince Charles”
“OK, describe the film to me in a few words”
“Two brothers. One is a clever professor, the other one messes up his life.That’s all I know.”
“That sounds rather, erhm, cheerful”
“I know, it sounds like crap, but it should be a good film. I can tell you how it was next time.”
“Enjoy it! And see you around.”
“I will, thank you. Bye !”

And I saw Atomised / Elementarteilchen and it was actually quite good. Movie roundup coming up one of these days, as I have seen some more. And also a bit about the strange process (for me that is) of writing a filmscript. (I have written 44 pages now, which is about half of it and it is finally taking shape).

How weird are you

Very Weird
when you, while watching a film in the cinema, for some bizarre reason nearly start crying because someone has switched on the projector in your head, and that projector is showing the ending of the film script you are writing at the moment. I could see it very clearly this ending, it is dramatic (which is why I really nearly felt the tears coming up) but I liked it.

This was a very long and confusing sentence I know, sorry about that. But it really happened, I am not kidding, and it was a very weird experience. But I think it is a good ending, and I am glad it came to me. But next time, can it wait with popping up until after the film I was supposed to watch in the cinema?

I would say – very weird.

Things that make my day

The Girl In The CafePeople participating in TGITC on tour and loving the film. Sandra did, and she wrote a great review in English, and she watched it with Smile who wrote a great review in English too. Thank you both !

I am very happy to see that the DVD is creating a chain of positive reviews in weblogspace.

Do you have 2 hours and a stamp? Please join !

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world
But it’s a start

Lawless Cafe

The Girl in the Bus

Both Lawless Heart (in the replay after a long time – this is a very nice British film – I wonder if it ever made it to other countries, but very recommended) and The Girl In The Cafe (what the heck I felt I needed to concentrate on slightly different things – things are a bit, uhm, mad here, and so was I, so why not, it helped) on my TV screen this evening was nearly too much to handle. Luckily there are always ways to calm down again, but I am afraid you are the ones to suffer.

(After a talk with my editor – I modified this post slightly and deleted the other one, we didn’t like it the way it was. I think I need a break from writing here, a short one, will be back as soon as we come up with something decent to write. That might be tomorrow or the day after, or, since I am planning to visit The Cafe tonight, already tonight. You never know when inspiration comes to you, but I am sure it will.)

The Girl In The Cafe – the travel continues

Lawrence in The Cafe
Lawrence (Bill Nighy) in The Cafe

On a day where my head nearly explodes because so many things are flying around in it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to come up with something decent to write. One could discuss if the stuff I normally tend to write is decent, but let’s not get into that right now.

On days like this, it’s nice to let other people do the writing for me. has participated in TGITC on tour project and just written her review of The Girl In The Cafe (in Dutch only) , and I am very pleased to read that she too finds it a fantastic film. It makes my day.

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Filmmaking day 3 : Lightning and Directing


Lightning was tutored by Julian Doyle, who has worked on a wide range of things, from Monty Python to Terry Gilliams Brazil, and also on Kate Bush music videos. He had a lot to say about lightning, showed a lot of examples through film clips and some films will never be the same after he told us how they have done some light effects and also how they have tricked a lot of scenes. It was, again, very interesting.

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