Absolute Sillyness

Got the idea here.
Google “Unfortunately Your first Name”, and see what comes out of that. Well a lot of sillyness, that’s for sure :

Unfortunately, Ingrid did not dote on Harold. (she saw him as nothing more than a convenient bread basket).
(Oh – I’m sorry Harold)

Unfortunately, Ingrid leaves on Monday, so we have only a couple more days to practice this,
(How did Google know that !!)

Unfortunately, Ingrid, who has switched jackets with Lisa, is kidnapped and Lisa is locked in a supply room.

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The Girl : From drawing to postcard (sneakpreview)

Front and back (click for larger)
(The webaddress is not on the front of the real card, and colours might differ a bit for the real paper cards).

It took me two whole evenings to transfer silly drawings to something that looks a bit like a postcard. Luckily I am not busy at all, only 19 days before the big move. And my head it not at all exploding because of all the bouncing balls who seem to have found a way to double in number, for every day I get closer to the 1st of March.

But I delivered my photoshop files to my very nice colleague who helps me transferring them into a printerready file. I have send one printerready file to Go-Card, and it has been accepted, so now we will make the other 9 too, and hopefully we will be able to send them off to Go-Card today.

I have to say that I like the background colour on the cards. Even though I thought that as simple as possible (white background) was best, I actually quite like the extra colour.

And yes, I am just a cosmic girl, from another galaxy …

Would you like to drink a cup of tea with me, in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe ?

Cool Brits : David Tennant

David Tennant
David Tennant

This is David Tennant, and he is one cool British actor. I already wrote this post a couple of days ago, so I could use it on a day where I either had no inspiration at all, or was too busy to write. Today is a day in the second category. The Girl cards are taking up all of my freetime at the moment.

I had a bit more to say about David, but I can imagine that you are not interested in him at all, in that case you can just watch his picture, and wait for better times. But one thing more, David is a Scot. So watch picture and imagine him talking with this delicious accent, or even better hear him talk (click on David Tennant in the right down corner) .

Or you can read on if you like ramblings about Dr. Who and such. I know at least one person who does.

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The Girl – in a lot of cafe’s !

The GirlThe GirlThe GirlThe Girl

I don’t know exactly where I got the inspiration from, it suddenly was there. OK this triggered me a bit, and so did this film and this one too. I got ideas from listening to music, and many of them are a direct interpretation of a song. Making them absolutely relaxes me, and is something that seems to tame the bouncing balls for a short while, which is rather nice.

After making quite a lot of them, I got (another) very crazy idea. Wouldn’t it be really cool to leave Denmark, leaving behind some kind of Goodbye (and thanks for all the fish) note. After my London decision I have learned that silly ideas sometimes can have great results, so I contacted Go-card. Go-Card is a free postcard service, distributing postcards to all the cafe’s in Denmark. Most of them are commercial postcards, but they do support artists too, and give them a chance to publish their work for free through these postcards.
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Just another day at the office

-Hi Ingrid – I can see you have a chair for sale. Do you still have it ? – Yes !
-OK, can I pick it of this evening ? – Yes absolutely.
-Will do, see you this evening. Bye ! – Bye !

-Hi Ingrid – we scheduled a viewing of your flat today. But can we move it to tomorrow ? (my real estate agent)
-Yes. no problem !
-OK – thanks ! Bye! – Bye !

Hi Ingrid – I can see you still have 19 holidays left. (my work)
– I know !
– Ok just checking – we will transfer the money to your holiday account then. – Yes please do.
-Bye – Bye !

Hi Ingrid – Hello
This recommendation form you need from us (my bank) to get a bankaccount in the UK – we need your passport. Can you bring it on thursday ?
Ah, passport (thinks about where she left it the last time she needed it ….) yes will do!
See you on thursday ! – Yes we do!
Bye — Bye !

The best thing though came by mail. I just wait for a final confirmation, but boy is this going to be cool. (No it’s not a job – it’s something completely different).

In between the ringing and the bouncing balls – I try to work. Needless to say that it is one hell of a job to concentrate on anything AT ALL these last 22 days.

The Girl In The Cafe travels on

The Girl In The CafeThe Girl In The Cafe has left Amsterdam and is travelling on to the next participant in TGITC on tour project, which is Noviolog.

Robtheblob.nl has written about the film (in Dutch) , and I am pleased to read that he loved it!

If you would like to participate in The Girl In The Cafe on tour project, you can read about here, and join. (It doesn’t matter where you live).

All it will cost you is a stamp to send the film to the next person, 2 hours to watch this beautiful film, and 15 minutes to write a review about it.

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world.
But it’s a start.

Painting by numbers : Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy - click for the large version
Bill Nighy

After concert 5 out of 8, very late at home (03.00), waking up with a fresh layer of snow in ?rhus, I woke up late. I watched the news, I was shocked by what’s going on in the world at the moment (without commenting on it any further). I sold my dinnertable, which means that my passport has to move. And I sold my tv which is going to be picked up next sunday, just before my week to London. I have to survive 8 days without a tv, well I think it will be great.

And after all the violence on tv, I switched it off, turned some music on, and started working on a friendly face.

What do you think ?

Easy Mobile ?

I found my passport.

And after 10 faxes, 16(!) emails, and one phonecall (because I was really tired of it) I got a little bit closer to becoming a Londoner. I have my UK mobilephone number.

Now this was supposed to be one of the easy things on my list. But after this I don’t even dare to think about how much of a hassle the other things are going to be …

Action !

Action !
(Michael Learns To Rock – The Actor)

When people here ask me why on earth I want to move to London, I say (apart from the whole new and fresh start thing) : film, theatre, museums. And in the look in their eyes I can see that they don’t get it. Why is the cinema in Århus no longer good enough. Well it is, really, but it wasn’t only the cinema I was thinking about when I say film. I also somehow, want to get a little bit closer to the whole filmmaking process, to find out if it is something I like. Well that sounded like mission-are-you-completely-out-of-your-mind-impossible some months ago, but not anymore. (and I warn you this is a very long post !)
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Easymobile – it could be so easy

Packing boxes is not the hardest part of moving to another country. It is the administrative hassle around it.

I wanted to order a UK mobilephone number, as one of the first things. And easymobile got recommened by the Danes-in-London group on yahoo. So I decided to sign up there. And I knew they needed a UK address to send the simcard to, but no problem I had that. The problem was that they only accepted UK credit cards for payment. And that I don’t have. Getting a UK bankaccount is supposed to be the most difficult step of the whole project.

But I wasn’t going to give up that easily, and I didn’t feel like phoning around at expensive danish rates while in London the week of 13th of February. So I tried the Easymobile live support chat. And through this genious system I could chat with Elliot. And Elliot was a nice guy, probably a Londoner, but I could not really hear his accent, as we were only writing to each other. And I explained him that I really would love to be a customer but, the credit card was a problem.

But Elliot said – no problem – fax me a copy of your passport and your Danish creditcard and I will let you get your UK phonenumber. You can pick your own telephone number (to a certain extent) and I already had a number I would really like to have. I am a number freak.

When the real estate people come with people to have a look at my flat they normally contact me a day or two in advance, so I can clean up a bit. Normally that goes like waiting until the evening before, very late, and then just stack all the stuff laying on my table into one of my drawers.

What does that have to do with the mobile phone number you are wondering. Well – where the hack is my passport !?!

Jamie Cullum meltet the ice in Århus

Jamie Cullum
I have been to quite some concerts, but this definetely was one of the best ever, if not the best. I once saw a concert with Jamie Cullum on tv, and I admit, that you quickly can get the impression that he is one spoiled brat. The way he is moving around stage, his jumping from his piano, his dancing around on stage and all that. But giving the guy a second chance – this is not a spoiled boy. This is an extraordinary musician with the passion for his music running through his veins. And I happen to like people with passion.

All the fine people of Århus came to this concert, in their nice clothes. The musichall was sold out, and I was curious about where this was going. After half an hour, the men had taken of their jackets, all women were screaming and everybody was standing and dancing and clapping. There was this rare connection between the artist and his audience, and I am sure that everybody could sense that, both on and in front of the stage. There was truly magic in the air.

Yes Jamie is a Londoner. And yes I would have bought a t-shirt, if they had accepted credit cards, but they did not. And no this wasn’t the last time I have seen him live, that’s for sure.

A 10/10 for this concert.

If you can’t get to London yet

let London come to you.

I know that several people are going to puke (again) because of my music taste, I couldn’t care less. Thing is that this Brit (and Londoner too if I’m not completely mistaken) has been entertaining my ears for quite a while now, and I would glady let him romantisize, the beauty of their London skies . Especially live.

And when you make an album called “Catching Tales” you can’t do any wrong with me, that’s what I do for a living. I look forward to see and hear him in Musikhuset tonight. Probably the last concert in that beautiful place (very good sound, and very nicely designed), for a long time (never say never).

Nothing is certain except everything you know can change,
you worship the sun but now,
can you fall for the rain…


Munich (2005)

To be honest, I don’t really know how to rate Steven Spielbergs Munich. It was gripping, and shocking, and long but not boring. Eric Bana (Troy) does very well, playing the main character. But while watching the film, I felt like I was missing a lot of background information. And did this story really happen like this, or is this how Spielberg thinks it happens. I guess you have to watch it and judge for yourself. You won’t get bored.

Daniel Craig is in it. The new Blueeyed Blond Bond Brit (you might also have seen him in The Road to Perdition or in Enduring Love) is becoming one of my favorites. He is a very interesting actor.

Tagline: The world was watching in 1972 as 11 Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich Olympics. This is the story of what happened next.

Director Steven Spielberg
Cast Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciarán Hinds, Mathieu Kassovitz, Hanns Zischler, Ayelet Zorer, Geoffrey Rush, Gila Almagor, Michael Lonsdale, Mathieu Amalric, Moritz Bleibtreu, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Meret Becker, Marie-Jose Croze, Yvan Attal

Why I love London, truly, deeply, madly

I joined a theatre group in London (just got the confirmation today), and while I could use some more than 32 days to get all the practicals things in place here in Denmark, I wish I was in London tomorrow to get started with this group.

This is what “we” are going to do:

Initially we’ll be doing various confidence and ice breaking games and adding in improvisation, script reading and then working towards rehearsing a script. With a potentially large group we’ll be breaking up in to smaller groups on the night to allow more experienced people to work together or to lead smaller groups of less experienced people and this will help us integrate people as they join us.

The intention of this group is to provide a fun, sociable outlet for people with an interest in drama and to make it comfortable for those with no experience in drama to find out what it’s like whilst also giving some great opportunities to those with more experience. The plan is to consider a number of opportunities including producing an internet film, a stage show in a Notting Hill theatre (there are a couple) and also starting a group for those wanting more serious amateur dramatics activity.

Outside of the normal drama group nights we’re looking at organising going to see a BBC production being filmed as part of the audience, theatre previews and once we’re established I’ll be inviting experienced directors, actors and other talent to come and talk to the group.

I simply can’t wait to get to London, and I will join the group on the 14th February (which is becoming an even more important day now). After that 2 weeks back to Denmark, to definetely join them the beginning of March.

I pressed play
and am currently, well you know what I am doing. And the smile on my face is huge.

Brits you got to love them

Taking into account factors such as foul weather, Christmas debts, the lingering effects of seasonal overindulgence, failed New Year’s resolutions and generally reduced motivation, Arnall’s worst day “formula” is ([W + (D-d)] x TQ) ? (M x NA). (W: weather, D: debt, d: money due in January pay, T: time elapsed since Christmas, Q: time since failed New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking, drinking etc, M: general motivational levels, NA: the need to take action.)

This formula (made by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning) actually resulting in the fact that the 23rd of January has been the most depressing day of 2006.

The good thing is, this day has already passed, and things will only get better from now on.

If you want to read the whole article, go for the Scotsman.

And do they have nice accents too, the Scots.

Pardon me for breathing, which I never do anyway so I don’t know why I bother to say it, oh God I’m so depressed.” – Marvin, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

1 down, 7 to go

tv-2 - Filmbyen, ?rhus
Steffen Brandt, smiling on stage in Aarhus, actually.

Oh I am so going to miss watching this man on stage. And hearing him and his band live. Good to know they play London every second year. And good to know London has some other interesting men running around to compensate …

for i = 1 to 8

remember to put on black t-shirt in the morning
go to work
try to work
answer all kind of mails from fans through the day (what time does it start, how to find the venue, what merchandise can we buy etc.)
go early from work
if i = 1 then
meetup in the cafe to socialize with other fans
dance and sing and enjoy exclusive fan sneak preview concert

take the train to other city
live on fastfood like MacD and Burger K.
work hard and try to enjoy some of the concert while selling t-shirts and stuff
count all the stuff sold and the money and check if numbers match
take train home
end if

find bike and bike home
freeze your *ss off because it is still very cold in Denmark
come home very late
crash in your bed

next i

4 things

Memes are just a way to get out of your writersblog. And while you might think that all is fun and all is good, there are days where I am worried. Worried if everything will fall in place, if I can find a job, if I get my flat sold. And worried about a 100 other things. And all this with only 37 days left. On those days, memes are the easy way out. SO – here you go. The 4 things meme.

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Cup of coffee anyone ?I will never grow up, I admit it, so I like the small Messenger like pictures, also called (gr)avatars. So I implemented the Gravatar plugin, and now you people out there – sign up for your own gravatar. Because there are way too many coffee cups floating around on this site at the moment.

The picture will be connected to your email address (which will never be shown!), and will be available on all weblogs, forums, whatever using a gravatar implementation. (You don’t need to have a weblog yourself!)

You can find a lot of them (for free) her.

Rumor Has It… (5/10)

Rumor Has It... (2005)Trust me, Rumor Has It, doesn’t have it – at all.

Jennifer Aniston, well, as David Brent would say – Next ! And Kevin Costner is ok, but the script is far from interesting enough to hold my attention for longer than 5 minutes. I normally would have skipped this film, but sometimes you just need to get out, and do something that can tame the bouncing balls a bit. With this film though, it didn’t help.

Don’t waste your time on this one, I already did that for you.

Plot: Jennifer Aniston plays a woman who learns that her family was the inspiration for the book and film The Graduate — and that she just might be the offspring of the well-documented event.

Directed by Rob Reiner
Cast Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine, Mark Ruffalo