Maybe I am just way behind, but I had no idea I could listen to most of my music online for free on It means I no longer need my iPod at work.

And better – most of my iPod songs are free for you to listen to too: here is my personal radio station. And feel free to comment on my bad taste in music.

Nick Drake’s – Northern Sky just passed my ears and I got an immediate urge to see Serendipity again tonight. What a great song. And that scene from Serendipity makes me cry every time.

In other news – I am updating my CV. There, I am not sure this is a wise thing to write on one’s blog but now I said it and you can kick me if I not soon write that my CV has been updated. It is time.

And my quote of the day (as it is exactly what happened today):
“Best friends are people who switch on the light if you are stumbling around in the dark.”

I think that quote is postcard worthy.

The Heart of Life

Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No, it won’t all go the way, it should
But I know the heart of life is good

I know it’s good

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The card is inspired by this wonderful song from the Ghost Town soundtrack. Speaking of romcoms, you really should see Ghost Town, it’s the DIRL of this year.

Now press play and enjoy:


(Illustrator is real fun, and for the purists, the flowers are made from heart shapes too – and yes I made it from scratch).

I only make jokes to distract myself

Zero7 - Distractions

Let’s start this week quietly.
With a song about me. And you.
I can’t quite figure out if this is a hopeful song or just a realistic one.
But it is one of the most beautiful songs I know, and I have played it nearly all weekend while sitting in cafes trying to figure out how to get the two people in my script together.

And it is the song I’m going to play for my boyfriend.
When I’ve, y’know: met him.
(Shamelessly inspired by @pauldwaite)

Sound no longer available …

So what song are you going to play for your boyfriend/girlfriend, when you’ve, you know, met him/her?

From the truth, from the truth.

(Zero 7 – Distractions)

Dreaming with a broken heart

Dreaming with a broken heart

I feel mean. In my script I have to break up two people and while the woman doesn’t truly love the man she is with, he has been kind and true and he really loves her. What did he do to deserve this? Nothing really. Life just can be cruel sometimes.

But it results in beautiful songs like these.

(Still no internet at home, hence the short post. Lucky you. DIRL: 9.)

Inside my head

Great. Typical.

Before you start – I know that you write SCRIPT with a T in the end. I think this really stresses the point of this post: memory overload.

I promise, that soon, when I have cleaned up a bit in my head, I will write some proper posts again. Maybe. Probably.

In the mean time listen to this beautiful piece of music.
It is film music. Of course it is, it’s from Serendipity and it is magical.

It’s called January Rain (it is by David Gray) which is a pretty appropiate title if you live in London.


All you need is

I posted another song from the Love Actually soundtrack in this post. I love this version and was shocked to read that Lynden David Hall, who also performed the song in the film, died in 2006 of cancer at the age of 31.


Today’s card (I am not cheating, they do come one per day!) is called “Love and Jazz Actually“. It’s again a completely different card and I really like it.

I was happy to hear that the first girl has arrived safely at her destination. Royal Mail did a great job, despite the Christmas business – it arrived in one day (in the UK that is).

And there is good news on the “Make a short in December” project.
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Baby, be prepared to be surprised

Love in London
This is London

Here is one of the lovely songs from the soundtrack of the great Dan in real life. The whole soundtrack has been created especially for this film by Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Leche. And I think he has done a marvelous job, the songs integrate perfectly with the film.

Too late …

Trailer is here

OK. In the mean time I try to drag myself back to my script. I am on page 68 and moving towards the last 20 minutes of the film where the 2 main characters are going to have some final obstacles before they, at last (!), are prepared to be surprised. I think I have the title too. In order to write I need to be in some kind of mood and to get there I often listen to music. At this moment it’s a soundtrack, and more particular this song, of the film I have mentioned too many times now.

Have a good weekend. More Un-New-Yorky New York pictures coming up.
And be prepared to be surprised.

Be prepared to be surprised
When I wrap my arms around you
Every mistake we made crumbles

love+rock: Everything you said amazed me

Love+Rock:Everything you said amazed me

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Because it’s a beautiful song:

Audio no longer available (Snow Patrol – Warmer Climate)

Because it’s weekend.
Because this is the visual interpretation of voicilicious.
Because he’s back and that’s exactly what he is.

Enjoy your weekend.

you are the cry that turns to laughter,
you’re the hope that ends disaster.

Love+Rock: Funny little frog

Funny little frog

They are Scottish.
They are from Glasgow.
They have been around for quite a while.
I am always late in discovering delicious music like this.
When I heard this song for the first time today I had to run to my drawing pad.
In between dancing I draw the frog.

I have also listened to The Murders in the Rue Morgue – Read by Bill Nighy.
I wish I could hear Bill say “Loge du concierge” 24 hours a day.
Yes I love his hat.
But his message was really more important.
I hope it didn’t snow under in the hat talk.

Here’s the song. Clean the room. Start dancing.
Tomorrow is my last day at work.

Sound no longer available.

Was this the really the best I could come up with for a post?
I apologize.

But you’re the funny little frog in my throat.
I hope you stick around for a while.

Voicilicious: Bill Nighy and Silksoundbooks

So you feel absolutely knackered with a headache and a soar throat but you don’t want to call in sick in your last week at your current job. You drag yourself to work, and after an hour the fire alarm goes. While enjoying the view from the 18th is great, walking down the stairs from the 18th with jelly legs really is not.

So it’s good there is something to get me going. They could have called it but they chose in stead. If you like your British classics, and better, if you like British actors with voicilicious voices reading them to you then is for you.

Edgar Allan Poe – here we go. My iPod is trembling with pleasure.

(If you want to help decide what Bill Nighy is going to read next for Silksoundbooks, read on here)