Bill’s are cool

Maybe it has something to do with the name. But this Bill is definetely one of the most funny Brits I have seen so far.

And yes he has a blog too. And no of course it isn’t updated.

But imagine having been hanging on your bed for 2 days eating apples and drinking applejuice, zapping around on the five channels my cheap low budget TV has (BBC1 + BBC2 though – hurrah !) and suddenly endup in the middle of his “Part Troll” show. Even though I felt like a sick dog, I couldn’t stop laughing. Absolutely Recommended English humour this is !

Oh and talking about English humour : The Armstrongs. Newspapers here in the UK have written that it is even more hilarious than the Office. Which is true, but the thing is that while the Office was acted, The Armstrongs are as real as it can get. Hilarious. Recommended too, and it doesn’t hurt at all that the other (or should I say The) Bill is narrating it. See it and laugh.

(Update: I just heard today that both Bill Nighy and Bill Bailey are casted for the new film from the makers of Shaun Of The Dead (talking about hilarious) called Hot Fuzz (expected release date – start of 2007) – how cool – or should I say – how Hot !).