In the bus

City of London Police
He is a huge man, filling nearly two seats in the bus. Bold head, and in both his ears a golden earring. He reminds me of Whitey. I assume he is Irish seeing as how his mobile phone chain has Ireland written all over it. On the big fingers of his hands I count, and recount in amazement : 15 golden rings.
He picks up his mobile phone and starts dialing.

He is a man of little words:
“Make sure there is a beer on the table for me”

is the only thing he says.

Bus stop, bus goes, he stays …

I love the underground, but I do love the red busses too. It’s nice to see the city from above the ground sometimes. I took a friday-evening-bus back home via Trafalgar Square, from Oxford Street. The bus was nearly empty. The bus driver was a friendly guy, and happy to make a conversation. Normally not allowed mind you (“Do not speak to the driver while driving”) but tonight it was OK. He started it himself.
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