The Ixus 60

Shower. Breakfast. Recharged batteries. Pack my bag. Oystercard. Money. Camera. Yes I have everything for another day of shooting in London, both stills and also some filmclips. Now I did exactly the same thing last Saturday, only to find out that my current 2 camera’s are no longer capable of delivering filmclips in a, for these days, reasonable format. And that is absolutely needed for The Project.

So I needed a new camera. Fast. A camera that was small, handy, good quality and one that could make movieclips. My choice : the Canon Ixus 60.

I have had an Ixus 300 for years, and have it with me all the time and nearly use it every day. It takes good pictures, but lousy film clips. And it is slow. And it looks chunky compared to the new slim 60. And it is twice as big.
The 60 still has the cool metal body. It is extremely fast, both in startup and in shooting, it has a crystal clear large lcd screen, and it takes fantastic movieclips. While the Ixus 300 only would let you take movie clips of 30 seconds max., the 60 makes them as long as you want them (limited by the capacity of your SD card).

I also still take a lot of pictures with my Nikon 5700, a lot of my photoblog pictures are taken with that one. But I don’t always feel like dragging that one around. Some of my favourite pictures are taken with my good old IXUS 300 though, the one I probably like best : the sad dog. I will miss my IXUS 300, he has been a faithful companion.

The new camera is going on it’s first real testdrive today, and with some luck, a sneakpreview of some of today’s shooting will popup somewhere soon. If I can deliver good enough clips that is, because I have something to live up to with my other Project member being a very talented person. Kind of scary really, but I am going to do my very best.

OK, I have to shout the pirate out of the bath now, he has to hurry if he wants to come along, which of course, he wants. People complaining about women occupying the bathroom for a long time, well try living with a pirate. They are even worse.
We gotto go, London awaits.
Davy !