To protect and to serve

Metropolitan Chief Inspector Kenneth
Metropolitan Chief Inspector Kenneth, such a serious man

(He sure does remind me of someone)

It is getting closer to the 25th and I still had a problem to solve: how to get to my afternoon shift when there is no public transport whatsoever in London that day.

My last and desperate option was calling one of my contacts. So that’s what I did.
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How to not dread December – the plan

Smooth car in New York

wanted my plan on how to get through December. While for most people December seems to be the time of racing around, stressed, buying presents and generally getting into the mood for Christmas – I try to not get too depressed.

I find December normally a tough time to get through. I am not really a christmassy person, it’s the time where you realize that being single is not always the coolest thing in the world, and the short days and lack of light seem to have their influence on me.

I shortly thought of leaving the country and go travelling, but then, wherever you go it is Christmas, plane tickets prices are doubled up because of that, and the places you go to are busy. I decided to stay in London and make the best of it.

Here is my plan on getting through December without going mad, sad or bad.

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My mind’s made up The way that I feel

Merry Christmas!

“Ingrid …”
“Davy …., wow, how is New York? I look so much forward to see you again.”
“New York is fantastic, you are going to love it, trust me. And I had a great sailing trip, I’ll tell you all about it when you get here.”
“I can’t wait… I …”
“But as your editor …”
“Ehrm yes ?”
“I know you don’t really do Christmas, but for your readers …”
“You need to wish them a Merry Christmas.”
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It’s written in the wind

The cards on tour

I stepped in to order something to eat, stood in front of him, trying to find the words as he makes me nervous since he started talking, and I remembered that I had no money. I had spent my last cash on stamps.

I just licked at a lot of them, and they taste nasty, but they are put on the envelopes. Airmail labels are put on them and I just personally delivered them in the mailbox. If you happen to be in South Croydon, you can hear them. Twenty giggling and exited girls together in a red mailbox, eager to go travelling.

I would love to hear if they have arrived safely in a comment here. And take good care of them when they do, they giggle a lot, but they are good company.

When they will arrive?
I have no idea.

It’s written in the wind.